The Division Might be Just What Bored Destiny Fans are Waiting for

Will The Division Take Over Destiny's Fan-Base?

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pompombrum1526d ago

The release timing couldn't be better for it really. If they get the end game stuff right, I can definitely seeing Destiny players jump ship seeing as there really isn't all that much left to do in that game now.

ShadowKing-1526d ago

this is one of the reasons im getting the game, other then my friends getting it.

CP_Company1526d ago

a lot of gamers gonna play this game,no need to say it is going to be just destiny.
i am bored with camparison of destiny,division is nothing like destiny.

--Onilink--1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

the division is quite a lot like destiny, not sure why say otherwise.

Shooter/RPG= check
MMO elements= check
Loot based gameplay= check
Focus on coop= check

For better or for worse (depending on your preferences), the comparisons are pretty valid. Then again, just because it has a common groundwork doesnt mean it can do a lot to further differentiate itself, or just make those common elements better

objdadon1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

While what you stated is true, if you play destiny then im sure you would understand they're still more different from one another. One thing that may hurt the division is the lack of standard multiplayer. There are destiny players who only play pvp. I don't see any titan smashing,golden guns or nova bombs in the division. Or armor that gives you unique abilities etc. We'll see, i know im definitely looking forward to it though. I don't think the division will be as big a success as destiny but i do think it will do very well.

kraenk121526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

So would you say Gears is like COD as well?!

CP_Company1526d ago


Shooter/RPG= check
MMO elements= check
Loot based gameplay= check
Focus on coop= check

oh,so borderlands players gonna play this game :)
and this is just one game which come up in 1 sec.

you can say it is a shooter and in it common ground.
Homefront is coming,very similar to destiny then.

but if you look closely,even ubisoft said,division is 3rd person cover shooter rpg.there is no comparison between these two games except shooter rpg,but this is not a common ground.
this is one of those nonsense if you say that GT6 fans gonna play driveclub bikes expansion because they are similar.

--Onilink--1526d ago

so the fact that its a loot based gameplay, with tons of not only RPG, but also MMO elements is not something they share?

I dont even understand why you are making the association as a negative thing.

I dont even recall saying that someone who played borderlands is gonna play that game (not that borderlands has MMO elements mind you), but yes, everything else IS similar.

And considering how similar Borderlands is to Destiny, i fail to see how that is an example to counter my point

curtis921526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Also they're actually putting it on PC in addition to consoles. And the PC version sounds quite glorious. Still not sure how Activision felt Destiny didn't deserve a PC version. Look at that UI... A cursor. Begging for a mouse.

Khaotic1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

You guys act like Activision gets to make a ton of decisions for destiny. I would almost bet the farm thats not the case. Think about this. Bungie was signed after wanting to split from MS after creating one of the most succesful gaming and entertainment franchises ever. Now i bet you every publisher under the sun was up their tushhy but they signed with activision. Im almost positive bungie got most whatever they asked for and im sure one was "stay the f out of our way". Think of it like a high profile sports free agent. They pretty much make up their own contracts. Im sure activision has some say but in the end bungie gets carte blanche. So if bungie says no pc then there is no pc release.

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