Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam Review - Nintendo World Report

Nintendo World Report: Following Mario’s arrival to the RPG genre with Super Mario RPG in 1996, there have been two main RPG game series featuring Mario and company: Paper Mario, which has mainly stayed on home consoles, and Mario and Luigi, which has stayed on handhelds. I would have never thought that the two would somehow meld together into one game...and well, it kind of didn’t. But that is the idea behind Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam. The game can be pretty fun at times, and it’s hard to deny the charm that comes with the Mario series as a whole. I’d like to say I had fun throughout the entire game, but that wouldn’t be truthful. While most of my experiences with Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam were positive ones, pacing issues and a feeling of overall blandness keep it from being a top notch experience.

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