Former Microsoft CTO talks courage under doubt as Xbox Live and Xbox grew

The gaming console has experienced quite the evolution since the turn of the century, and systems like the Xbox have been responsible for said evolution.

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Septic1530d ago

" a lot of perseverance was required to get support from the industry and to convince them of the value of a single identity and friends list, unlockable game trials, a unified leaderboard, achievements, required updates to prevent cheating and downloadable content"

Crazy how much of that really came into force last gen, with the 360 leading the way on that front. Now we just take this stuff for granted really.

If only Allard was in command with the X1.

thrust1530d ago

Xbox live is better than ever now best online service for consoles by far.

Foehammer1530d ago

Defiantly interesting to look at all the stuff we take for granted.

Xbox really led the way in innovation:

"It's quite difficult to imagine gaming without things like achievements, online friends, Gamertags and other things of that nature. They have become staples of every platform's structure and achievements are something many gamers, such as myself, pride themselves on earning. Xbox has been an extremely important and innovative platform and it will most likely continue as such moving forward."

FlexLuger1529d ago

"If only Allard was in command with the X1."

One thing Im sure about is, if he was in charge, X1 would have been the more powerful console.

EyeAmTJ1529d ago

or Spencer from the jump