Squall Might be Dead, But Does it Matter?

So, is Squall dead? Quite a while back, a theory was proposed in order to “make sense” of the drastic story shift of Final Fantasy VIII. Bit Cultures takes a look at the theories presented and debates how they apply to the character, as well as what meanings the player can take from them.

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-Foxtrot1529d ago

I think he's alive.

Only theory I can really get behind is the Rinoa-Ultimecia one. It would make the game so poetic since it means their happy ending would only last for so long.

Not to mention it could be used as a plot point in a sequel if there ever was one. How do you stop a future which is going to happen and already has.

ZaWarudo1529d ago

Yep, that's a more plausible theory as well. I know Square themselves debunked the theory, but there's so much evidence in the game that supports Rinoa-Ultimecia.
I like to think that was the intention, but was scrapped for being too sad.

-Foxtrot1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Well the thing is looking around the internet now I can't find a solid piece of info with Square debunking it...just people talking about the Final Fantasy VIII Ultimania book which Square published. You try and ask and the forum usually explodes with arguments with no source given.

They talk about how the book states that "sorceresses do not have extended lifespans" but even then this is just a rough translation. This is apparently them "debunking" it as it means Rinoa wouldn't be able to survive that long to go crazy and driven by grief. However Adele was put in stasis and Rinoa was about to do it herself so it could happen again.

You also have people arguing over whether the books are cannon since they were done by third party company, whether Square had any say in what was said in the books or whether the hints littered around the game to support the theory are there because they were going to do this twist but backed out of it and changed the ending during development.

So whether or not they actually did "debunk" it is up in the air.

The thing which contradicts the book is the fact that in the game it's stated that sorceresses can not die UNLESS they pass on their powers first. So in a way they probably do have extended life spawns until they pass on their powers, once they do then they might be able to grow old...Edea went through this and even stated how she wasn't a sorceress anymore.

It's one of those things which can go either way. They said this, he said that but then this contradicts your second thing which relates to the first...blah blah blah. In the end if they wanted they could say its true.

Personally I think the small hints in the game wouldn't have been placed without a reason. I honestly think they bailed on the idea.

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YoungKingDoran1528d ago

When i first heard the theory it blew my mind. A lot of plausible evidence. A couple of big inconsistencies though.
Rinoa-Ultimecia is a good one too.
I enjoy new takes on stuff, such as fan theories.