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We Got This Covered

In many ways, The Witness is bound to aggravate more than a few people, with its level of challenge and lack of a traditional story not really falling in line with most conventional games. But to me, these are the things that make The Witness truly special. For the most part, we tend to remember negative moments or events more so than equally (or more) important positive ones; that’s just human nature. There are bound to be some people who will fixate on The Witness‘ abstract narrative or its potentially off-putting difficulty. I initially thought I would as well, but even after thinking about it for hours on end, I can only really remember the triumphs and successes, the moments of amazement and awe, and those truly rewarding moments when all the puzzle pieces fell perfectly into place. To me, that’s the sign of something undeniably special.

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kaiserfranz1528d ago

I love puzzles, cannot wait to play this one

Utalkin2me1528d ago

Yeah me too. And it's only on the best console this gen.

3-4-51528d ago

Everything about this game looks good except I have one complaint.

I wish the puzzles weren't ALL just tracing a line type of puzzles.

I know within those, they are all different, but I would have liked to see maybe a few Legend of Zelda style puzzles or maybe something else aside from just tracing lines.

Other than that, this game looks like a lot of fun.

The world they created is beautiful.

Relientk771528d ago

Glad this game is getting great reviews

Nivekki1528d ago

I've been looking forward to this game for ages, bit of a surprise to see reviews for it. Sweet.

kraenk121528d ago

I just love intelligent games with philosophical touches in beautiful worlds you can get lost in. great the game seems to have turned out as great as I hoped it to be.

Eonjay1528d ago

The Witness is the best scoring game for the PS4 (and PC) in 2016 so far