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Come see, Witness review. I am worthless. I am garbage. I am a dolt.
I am brilliant. I am special. I am a genius.

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1527d ago Replies(2)
TomatoDragon1527d ago many 10's does that make now?

DarkOcelet1527d ago

It have 6 Perfect scores on Metacritic right now.

TwoForce1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Are you going to buy it on PS4 ? I'm just going to buy it now. Also, i did sent you a message.

DarkOcelet1527d ago


I will buy it but just not now because i have so many games i haven't finished yet and i want to take my time with this one so i will wait till i have a free weekend or something.

slappy5081527d ago

@Dark Ocelot I know what you mean I want to pick this up but I've got Tomb raider that is busy preloadING and zip still have to finish Dragon's Dogma and I want to get Naruto as well early Feb, the year already starting like this 😥

OhMyGandhi1527d ago

So it looks like Jonathon Blow wasn't a one trick pony after all.
Good stuff. Can't wait to play it!

TwoForce1527d ago

At least, he is not a jerk like Phil Fish.

kraenk121527d ago

Awesome..can't wait to try it out!

Takwin1527d ago

So happy to see it getting such high praise.

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