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After the phenomenal critical success of Braid, Jonathan Blow's next game is a PS4 exclusive puzzler. But is it genre-defining genius or merely a pretentious puzzler?

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Septic1528d ago

Some mixed reviews but overall, quite positive.

This wasn't really on my radar as I have quite a backlog but the more I see it the more I like it. Looks like a game you can jump in and out from too which is good these days.

DarkOcelet1528d ago

The game looks interesting. But i barely have time these days to play and i haven't even started Resident Evil Zero HD yet.

I am definitely gonna get it when i finish some of the games i got.

Corpser1528d ago

It's not ps4 exclusive

Takwin1528d ago

Troll harder GamesRadar.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1528d ago

Yeah how dare a subjective review have subjectivity. How dare they not tow the line.