Batman Arkham Knight Update 1.13 Is Live On PS4 And Xbox One, Adds Free DLC

Batman Arkham Knight's latest update is now available for download on the PS4 and Xbox One. This is the same update that was released a while back on PC and it added DLC support and included the Crime Fighters Challenge Pack#6. This new free DLC is finally available for all the PS4 and Xbox One users.

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YosefH641535d ago

This is kind of weird timing isn't it?

Gwiz1535d ago

That's called rubbing it in lol.

LackTrue4K1535d ago

The game is 27.99 right now on the psn! It's only good from the 19th to the 27/29th I think.
Just got it last nite. Glad I waited for a price drop. 😬

OldGuyStillGaming1535d ago

It was $15 at Best Buy over the weekend 2 day sale

I got it online

extermin8or1535d ago

Is this the one with the easter egg? I would say suggests the series isn't over?

loudillphilbusn1534d ago

Got mine for 15 bucks at best buy too. Gotta check in on n4g daily ND early or you miss out on things. Like I didn't check n4g till late last night and I missed the free division beta download :(