Will 2016 Be the Year We Move on From Destiny?

Twinfinite: "This isn’t an obituary for Destiny. We promise. However, it might be time to at least start thinking about whether or not the time where the gaming community takes Destiny out back behind the shed and puts it down is coming.

Destiny has had a great run so far. It had its ups and downs for sure, but not many year-plus old games remain this relevant and popular."

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Orejillz1524d ago

I moved on quite a while ago and have been waiting for them to give me a reason to come back. It doesn't seem like it's going to happen though.

Bansai1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

I moved on after the beta, was gonna pick it up but when I learned there's only 4 destinations my hype got killed.

SoulMikeY1524d ago

2014 was the year to move on from destiny... hoo-rah! Lol.

pumpactionpimp1524d ago

I played pretty frequently for a year or more. About 2 months after the taken king I just stopped. There was zero left to do, and bungie gave zero reasons to keep playing. I kept it on my hdd up until a 2 weeks ago, knowing if I deleted it, I would never want to reinstall everything. So for me 2015 was the year to move on.

thorstein1524d ago

Same here. It was fun while it lasted. But there are other games and other experiences that I want to spend my time on.

JeffGUNZ1522d ago

I still have it on my HDD because I have a 2TB HD, but you're spot on man. At least the first year had DLC every 3-4 months. After the Taken King, there has been nothing and zero reason to come back. It's a shame, they could be adding new planets, moons, ship bases, etc for us to explore throughout the year but nothing. How cool would it be if they just added all these different locations, even if they are 1/4 the size and only have one little city/habital area. Or barren moons or planets with hidden AWESOME gear and weapons. Like you land on a planet and have to explore to find stuff. Then, on big expansions, add big planets or explorable areas. The possibilities are endless but they do nothing but charge for dance moves and sparrow races.

Nineball21121523d ago

I just went back to it since I completed Fallout 4 and I've played it for a few days. I gotta say... I loved Destiny but it's just stale at this point. The gaming mechanics are top notch, but without any new content, it's frankly boring doing the same ol' stuff all the time.

I think Destiny will be my fall back for when I just want to get 30 minutes or so of gaming in. Other than that... meh.

Thom94341524d ago

I've personally never really cared for Destiny. Played the alpha way back when and wasn't impressed. Given how bare the game was upon release, I'm actually surprised its community has stayed so loyal. Different strokes for diffent folks I guess.

Player3Podcast1524d ago

I moved on shortly after TTK. Far too much other stuff to play. I enjoyed the time I had with Destiny, though.

GigawattConduit1524d ago

I still have it, but I'll be honest, the urge to play it again hasn't really struck me. Not for any particular reason, just after I beat Taken King's story, other stuff took up my time. Kinda wondering what Bungie's gonna do to keep it alive until the next big game...

nodim1524d ago

Erm, is there still anyone who hasn't?

Summons751524d ago

Clearly you haven't paid attention because there is a whole thriving community on Destiny.

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The story is too old to be commented.