Ono: Street Fighter won't see a SFIII-style reboot 'as long as I'm involved'


Aside from the immortal Street Fighter II and the clever (in a "Die Hard is my favorite Christmas movie" kind of way) Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo nod, Street Fighter III is probably my favorite in the series. The number of unique animations, the art style, the famous Daigo parry that I saw before "esports" was a phenomenon observed by everyone from ESPN to HBO to university.

It was a bold move, leaping far flung into a new chronology of stripping it of most of the familiar faces that make up a typical Street Fighter roster (only Ryu, Ken, and Akuma were present before Third Strike brought Chun-Li back). It also might not have been a great idea for the series as a whole. It'd be a decade before the Street Fighter IV resurgence.

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Septic1535d ago

Well that completely sucks. SF3 was such a bold move and it paid dividends. Super fresh and its long term engagement was great.

DarkOcelet1535d ago

Street Fighter is great as it is. There is no need for Reboot as long as they keep the great quality of the game.

Septic1535d ago

AH ye I'm not saying its crap or anything. Its just that when I played SF3 I was taken aback by how different it was.

A drastic change like that would be pretty cool again, assuming the execution was done well.

BG115791535d ago

SF3 didn't really found it's success until it's third reboot, 3rd Strike.
But still, with DLC today, they don't need new versions, just to add content and improve the game with time.

XisThatKid1535d ago

Damn yeah, I remember double impact released in arcades around here and it didn't take too well. until 3rd strike hit the it was crazy. Funny thiing is there was an Applebees that had arcades in it here and had both DI and 3S that was when I really noticed the popularity, at the time is still wasn't a big fan of SF games. I was and still am a KoF fan but I respect the series and am actually lookin forward to V.

3-4-51535d ago

Capcom should put out another Capcom vs game.

MoveTheGlow1535d ago

I just wish they'd spin it off. Street Fighter 4th Strike. No numerical titles other than it's 3rd Strike continued. Heck, we wouldn't even be confused by the two branches as one would be called "4th strike" by itself off the bat.

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Ingram1535d ago

Well...I don't like street fighter 4. I don't like cartoony, overly saturated colores and the action literally stopping at each and every contact. Looks terrible to me. I'd rather play alpha\zero

Wallstreet371535d ago

Yeah i enjoy the new street fighters but i also loved SFIII and its lame on his part that he isnt even open to it, if there are enough consumers that want it, why not give them what they want? We are the ones that purchase the games and spend billions every year.

Hoffmann1535d ago

Another reason to dislike this guy. Why they made that mediocre composer a game producer is beyound me.

WheatBread1535d ago

3rd strike is the best game in the series.

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