Analyst: Publishers not supporting Wii to get left behind

In a interview with CNBC today, analyst Evan Wilson declares Wii the early next-gen console victor. But the report appears more concerned with the possible implications for publisher stocks rather than just Nintendo's.

Wilson believes game makers who have formed early partnerships with Nintendo via Wii can look forward to a banner year, one he says will be the fastest growing in a long time. He predicts THQ and Activision as big winners for their early commitment to the motion-sensing platform with no mention of Ubisoft.

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BlackCountryBob5453d ago

See, nothing against the Wii but I am a little sceptical of his declaration of a banner year! As far as I see the most anticipated games for the Wii are first party Nintendo games just like with the Gamecube! 3rd party games seem to be only ports of PS2 games with differing quality of implementation of the Wiimote or gimmicky mini game collections! The success of the Wii will depend on one thing only, Nintendo's ability to get quality 1st party games on the market without the huge gaps between releases as there was on the Cube! If you think I am wrong, look at the DS, the biggest selling and most critically acclaimed games are Nintendo ones and very few 3rd party games have sold anywhere near as well or had the same impact! The only exceptions I can think of are Trauma Centre from Atlus and Phoenix Wright from Capcom!

THWIP5453d ago (Edited 5453d ago )

The Wii is more of a novelty, and it's sales will level off after the first 8-10 million. It won't have much more of an impact on this generation, than the GC did last gen.

The thing is, Nintendo thinks it's going to tap into some new market, with grandparents and 40+ year old housewives. Sure, many have been enjoying the Wii since launch, but that's because it's the Holidays, and these people are together in the house anyway. Mom and Granny won't be "gaming" anytime after me.

Balance5453d ago

analyst for the game industry have to be the biggest bunch of morons outside of local news weather forcasters. 3rd party publishers should run not walk as fast as possible from the wii. the wii is being marketed tword non-gamers, so when these people and the install base of the wii that are traditionally non-gamers will buy games when they get the system, and then that is about it. for example if ubisoft releases and awsome game on the 360 most 360 owners will run out and buy it, the wii however these people are not "in the know" and may not even know the game was released and if it was will probably not run out to buy it since they don't buy games on a regular basis and are happy with their wii sports etc.. nintendo wants people to play the wii with grandma and grandpa and neither of them really care about a Red steel type of game, they might play wii sports, the other people buying the wii are 12 yr olds who don't exactly go out and buy games on their own they get them as presents and such which isn't a ton of games. it might look good now but in the 12 months software sales of the wii will not bring $$$ for 3rd party publishers. dumping big money for alot of games into the wii is a recipe for loss, 1 or 2 games isn't as big a risk because developing for the 360 and ps3 (people who buy games on a regular basis) is a bigger money maker.

ChickeyCantor5453d ago

" Red steel type of game, they might play wii sports"

Redsteel is meant for those who already are in the gaming world, so granny and paw wont be playing those game since its not meant for them.
nintendo made a console that is for evry one, so it doesnt mean all games are for granny and pawwww it means its also for those who are known to the gaming world.

sevenout5453d ago

I don't think the "novelty" factor is going to wear off for quite some time. Nintendo well over 45% of Microsoft's installed base in one month and unlike Sony, can turn over a lot of Wiis in a short period of time and they will sell. The Wii is smokin' Hot right now and I have not see such interest in a game system in a very long time. Also you have to look at the perspective that every Wii sold is a possible lost sale to at least Sony, let alone Microsoft. If Nintendo can get 12 million installed base this next year (easily attainable) they can at least match Microsoft's sales, even with Halo 3. It's definitely going to be a close race between MS and Nintendo this time. Sony's system has NO groundbreaking games coming out till this time next year and the PS3 is still going to be the most expensive by a large margin. Also remember that the PS3 and 360 cost a fortune to develop for and the Wii's development system is only $3000. You are going to see a lot of games and other things not even though of, made by indie developers, this is where the Wii will shine.