Dragon's Dogma on PC is an HD remaster in all but name

Digital Foundry:
Coming from sub-30fps gameplay across last-gen consoles, the PC version of Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen is a breath of fresh air - especially when played at 60fps. The combination of increased fluidity and crisper controls make for a far more enjoyable experience that suits the action-heavy nature of the game. Combat scenes play out more smoothly, while cut-scenes no longer stutter when there is a lot happening on-screen.

Hitting 60fps is more difficult than expected for what is essentially a HD remaster of a last-gen title, and those on budget set-ups will have to bear this in mind. But even so, the experience using our budget PC set-up is light years beyond the sub-30fps gameplay on consoles. However, we'd recommend at least a GTX 960 if sustaining 60fps is a priority.

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Bahamut1525d ago

Well... that's not surprising. Almost all games that are on consoles run better on PC.

Notice I said almost, no need to bring up Arkham Knight ;)

rdgneoz31525d ago

It was a PS360 game, so the jump to PC would have been a bit. Hoping DDO comes to the west eventually, the game looks good (you can play on PC with a little work).

Bahamut1525d ago

Right. With current gen, it's slightly less noticeable. Usually just the framerate and shaders/etc. are better than the ps4 version. We won't talk about Xbone though.

smashman981525d ago

Well I counter your troll with a troll of my own.

I heard bloodborne doesn't run on pc at all ;)

Bahamut1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

I wasn't trolling. Don't get things confused and think stating facts is "trolling" just because you don't like the information. And I love Bloodborne, I play it all the time... so what are you getting at?

aquamala1525d ago

console versions weren't even in 720p, so calling this HD remaster is correct

SilverClock1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

I have a GTX 770 and 60fps is no problem...with max settings. Although maybe that has something to do with the rest of my computer specs. I'm not an expert at stuff like this. XD