Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Open Beta Starts Sept. 7th, 2008

WorthPlaying writes: "Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning will bring Games Workshop's fantasy world to life in a way that will allow players to create characters destined for great deeds and glory on the field of battle. Mythic Entertainment announced that the open beta for Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning will begin on Sept. 7th, 2008."

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Montrealien3806d ago

sweet, will be cheaoer is I don;t like it. Will be trying this for sure!

harrisonxxi3806d ago

bad news for mythic. the closer and closer they get to november for launch the more dangerous the launch is for them. Especially as the closed beta has been unimpressive to say the least for most people. Add the content cutting (a sign of having to meet a corporate deadline) and you have to start worrying about quality of the game and whether it has enough to keep people busy after they level cap. Also if WHO gets into the 2nd week of November before release its gonna bust period. No corporate executive of a company developing a MMO should even contemplate releasing a MMO in the vicinity of a WOW expansion.

StarsCream3806d ago

lol, so wrong on so many levels (does it physically hurt to be that wrong about so much?).

Their release date is allready out, and its not November, its September.

Closed beta is actually REALLY impressive, and it would take a whole 2 second google search to not just take my word for it.

The "cut content" is mostly stuff that never existed and was just hopefull stuff they wanted for release, but are now making a free xpac

its not "WHO" its "WAR", and you would know that if you actually played the game (like you claim to know the beta gameplay experience), because the acronym "WAR" is plastered all over the game in beta

do you work for Funcom or Bliz? lol sad

Scerick3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

@2.0 Well my guild, and myself are very pleased with the beta and plan to make WAR our home for quite awhile. I couldn't agree more with 2.1.

I've been in Beta since phase 1 ended, the game has grown beautifully. Unfortunately I cant say more, to outright destroy your entire point (NDA).

Baka-akaB3806d ago

Wth lol , i'm not a fan of the game , but even i knows that the so called cut down content was unbalanced classes and cities . "Worse" , the content and quests and those removed cities was massively added to the remaining cities .

There was no loss in content and actually some major gain ...

Bigrhyno3806d ago

The release date is Sept. 18. The open beta is for people who preordered the game (myself). Bye.

KillaManiac3806d ago

I have no idea where you get this information. Closed beta has been easily one if not the best closed beta's for a mainstream MMOs (and I have tested quite a lot).

Do not count this game out at all. This game is willing to show off all its content and let testers and videos show it. Not like other recent MMOs who don't even add in any endgame content so they can rush the release date (AoC).

Scerick3806d ago


I've been testing Tier 4 (The "Endgame") for about 3 months now. Pitty I can only tell you what I think of it ;), and I think it's great.

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Motojass3806d ago

more of a reorganization I would say. and yeah....I think alot of people are impressed including myself. and's beta still...look at some old stuff on the wow beta, omg did it look bad

Baba19063806d ago

cant wait for this. would love to be in the beta. anyway looks like i ll have to wait one more month.