Is VR the Future?

Kim at GameSpew writes: "It seems that everyone has their own opinion about whether or not virtual reality (VR) is going to be “the next big thing”. It’s not a new concept by any means – in fact, the earliest VR headset dates back to 1939 in the form of the “View-Master” – but the latest wave of VR is beyond anything that has been commercially available before. The VR headsets that are set to hit the shelves this year succeed in truly submerging you into a virtual experience – and their application into everyday life could go well beyond video games and entertainment."

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1528d ago
endi1231528d ago

VR is the future but in it's own way, for instance I can't imagine myself playing bf or cod mp on it for me it's an abstract, we will see how it turns out

1528d ago
SmokingMonkey1528d ago

Do people actually believe Video Games will never evolve?

_LarZen_1528d ago

People are "afraid" of change. And VR is a huge change in how we play games.

I remember when we went from floppy disks to CD-rom. People did not see the need and doomed it. Same with soundcards. They were expensive and people again doomed it.

1080p? Who needs that. To expensive. Doomed...

The transition from just using a keyboard in FPS games to keyboard and mouse. People did not like it. And doomed it.

And the rest is history. Most likely we will look back on how people reacted to VR and think how stupid people was. Just as with the examples I wrote...

Fun times ahead! :D

ThePhantomHaircut1528d ago

VR isn't equivalent to a resolution bump. Many people can't use it and it's not really useful to most third person games. Particularly platformers.

To say VR is the future is to say that first person games where one doesn't need to move the camera often is the future. I simply don't agree with that.

_LarZen_1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

"VR isn't equivalent to a resolution bump"

But it's an equivalent example of how people dismiss and doom something that at the time when it came. Either had no first hand experience with. And/or doomed it because it was out of their price range at the time.

"Many people can't use it and it's not really useful to most third person games. Particularly platformers"

Many own a PC that can run games. But many PC's that people use to play games on cant even run a modern game at 1080p. A resolution that in the PC world is standard for years and years. And that gamers slowly are now moving away from.

These PC owners are not in the costumer group for VR. Or modern games for that mater.

The people that play modern games in 1080p and higher however are in the costumer group for VR. And there is many of them. Yes some need to do some upgrades to be ready for VR. These early adopters will push VR forth so everyone can one day buy it at more gentle prices.

Just as they did with all new technology that have pushed the industry forward.

When it comes to third person games and plattformers (funny that you mentioned just that genera). VR developers and those that have tested these type of games. Are surprised over how great it is to actually play third person and platform games in VR....

The last comment is so far gone this is the extent I will comment that... :P

ThePhantomHaircut1528d ago

And tell me what is the point of viewing a platformer in a 3D headset as a bodiless God where one can't adjust the camera beyond the scope of their neck?

You zealouts can believe what you want.
VR may be a huge success, but it won't replace televisions any time in the forseeable future.

Apocalypse Shadow1528d ago

Someone sounds negative.

No one is saying TV is going to be replaced. You did. What supporters of VR are saying is that it is a good alternative to the way we view content.

You're saying it's okay to view content on a phone, tablet,PC monitor,TV or movie theater.But not VR? Who says you can't? You?Sounds shortsighted and narrow minded.

Content is now created in 3D. But we view that content on a 2D plane. We play FPS games, but you aren't really seeing it from your point of view because you are looking at a TV. It is still third person when you think about it.

What's the harm? Steering wheels are OK. Flight sticks are OK. Motion is OK. But truly immersing yourself is NOT OK?

I would rethink your logic.

_LarZen_1528d ago

"And tell me what is the point of viewing a platformer in a 3D headset"


" it won't replace televisions any time in the forseeable future."

I'll hunt you down in the future and make you eat your shoes.

SmokingMonkey1528d ago

Think of VR as "baby steps" to Holodecks and "Jacking In" to the Matrix.

you will get to learn Kung-Fu!

Peace_Love_and_FPS1526d ago


Virtual shoes, that is.

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