The Witness makes me question why I play hard games | GamesBeat

I admire a lot about The Witness. It is a beautiful game. It is a clever game. It is a big game. But all of its elements, mazes, exploration, and philosophy didn’t really come together to express some greater theme. Unless I was meant to question why I hurt my brain to solve a series of difficult mazes for no real award.

Is that what The Witness is about? Making us question why we do hard things? Games don’t have to be fun. They can have more value than that. And I’m not saying The Witness can’t be fun, but it’s just as often frustrating.

I do know one thing. I don’t want too another maze until 2017.

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bennissimo1527d ago

Why does the concept of "gaming journalism" have to go hand-in-hand with poor grammar, spelling and sentence structure?

GryestOfBluSkies1527d ago

because we live in a time where anyone with an internet connection can call themselves a journalist

OC_MurphysLaw1527d ago

smaller sites compared to say IGN that don't have actual editors to proof read the work will often have spelling and grammar errors. But the bigger issue is there is such a rush to get information out first that it probably is the real issue. Nobody takes the time to spell check and actually proof read their work to save time and just get it out there.

On topic... game is looking like its another winner for Blow.

KwietStorm1527d ago

You don't have to have money to have an editor. Just read your damn words before you submit.

OC_MurphysLaw1527d ago

@KwietStorm... 100% agree but for some reason it seems very few actually go back and read their work to proof it before they submit it. I think it really funnels back into this rush, get it posted now, now, now mentality many of these sites have around breaking news and game reviews for bigger games. If they aren't first on the internet their info is useless cause it wont generate as much traffic. It truly is not just a quality of work problem but also 100% responsible for many "news stories" that spread mis-information.

kraenk121527d ago

And the guy wonders why the game is too hard for him..

solar1527d ago

because for the most part, the people who write for gaming journalism, experienced how uninterested that part of education of the state was in having kids be educated.

"push them through! to the slave debt fields with them!"

3-4-51527d ago

I don't own a PS4, nor will I be playing this game any time soon, but this is one of the worst reviews for this game or any that I've read in a while.

I've never even played a game made by Jonathan Blow so I'm not being biased at all.....this is just a bad review but somebody who doesn't understand they aren't as smart as they think they are.

* Example: If I get a 60/100 on a test, it's not the tests fault.....It would be mine.

I wish this "journalist" understood this.

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deantak1527d ago

oh man.i don't know if i want to start.