The Witness PS4 Review [PSU]

PlayStation Universe reviews Jonathan Blow's latest creation, The Witness.

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NotanotherReboot1524d ago

Wow, looks like this game Blows

PowerPlayaaa1524d ago

You do know that this game has already an 91 allround score in metacritic.
It's more well received then disliked.

Try harder will you ;-)
The ps4 start the new year with a big bang. BOOOOOM

NotanotherReboot1524d ago

It was just a pun based comment --calm down!

Septic1524d ago

"It was just a pun based comment --calm down!"

Grab your coat!

The game isn't for everyone but its refreshing that this is something different. As much as I don't like Blow's character and attitude, if he has made a great game then respect to him for doing that. Deffo on my radar now (this review is in the minority so far).

LordMaim1524d ago

I'm with Septic. I don't much like the guy's personality, and he comes off as pretentious. That said, he's obviously fiercely intelligent and has crafted a well designed game.

Honestly I hate myself a little for wanting to play it, because of who I'll be supporting.

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Jmanzare1523d ago

Lol nice play on words but did you really see that going well

Neonridr1524d ago

I would imagine this game is not for everyone. But fans of games like Myst should feel right at home in a game like this.

I don't want a game to spoon feed me or make everything too easy. I fully expect the game to ramp up the difficulty and would hope that there are some puzzles in the game that may require stepping back and rethinking things.

This game is right up my alley and I can't wait to plunk down my money for it.

I understand that this style of game is not for everyone, so I fully respect that there will be reviews out there that don't share the opinions of others.

TimNunes1524d ago

As the reviewer of this game, I agree with you and respect your outlook. Thank you.

On that note, Myst sprang to mind while playing this game, and I remembered how much I struggled with that franchise as well.

GortJester1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Love your honesty. Nothing wrong with giving it a 6.5 as its an opinion of one person. People take reviews as gospel sometimes and really let it get to them.

DashArrivals1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

"Objectivity is a slippery slope when it comes to anything so dependent on skill, and anyone who has been torn apart by elitist games like Dark Souls can empathize by how the game affects not only your judgment but also how long the game can be appreciated. The Witness is in that same challenging ballpark."

This guy wants a map. This guy wants to be shown how to do things. This guy wants his hands held and a voice in his ear telling him that everything's going to be OK. LOL

You don't need a guide. There is no rush for a game like this. The 'ahh haa" moments are found when you figure something out for yourself. I advise people to take you time. Leave the game and come back to it. People who are not patient, I imagine, will loathe this game.

TimNunes1524d ago

That's exactly right. There will be plenty of people who won't like this game, and $40 isa lot to spend on a what if.

DashArrivals1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Maybe you shouldn't have been the guy to review a game like this then. I mean, if they offered me the job of reviewing Barbie's Dream House Summer Fun Time Game, I might have passed it over to someone else.

Neonridr1524d ago

@DashArrivals - now THAT sounds like a great game.

fei-hung1524d ago

Not as bad as the £55 I spent on GTAV. I think the game was massively overrated, had a small campaign, barely any decent side quests if any and all very boring and repetitive.

Your review is more about how you dislike these sorts of games instead of an actual review of the game. Its like asking a vegan to review a Wagyu steak meal. He will say it's okay, too costly and there are better options out there.

kraenk121524d ago

So 40 bucks is a lot for 40 hours playtime?! It seems you just sucked at it and stopped playing early to me.

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Jmanzare1523d ago

Eh I guess you could look at this review as a review from someone isn't into these types of games. I know these types of games aren't my favorite so I would probably feel the same way. The vegan reviewing a steakhouse analogy was good one but think about this one. There's a lot of people who hate fantasy but love game of thrones, people that hate zombies and gore but love the walking dead. My point is if it's a great game it's a great game regardless of the genre.

TomatoDragon1524d ago

Not many. The pc version didn't get anything lower than an 8.

PS4 has more reviews, and you're right. There are 4 below 80. But there are six 10 scores, six 9 scores, and three 8 scores.

I think it's safe to say this title is a good one.

Neonridr1524d ago

if everyone was jumping off a bridge, would you do it too?

Septic1524d ago

But the point is, the review is in a minority so far. Not saying it doesn't have any weight but here's a fair point to be made there (but it all depends on how YOUR views align of course).

Neonridr1524d ago

@Septic - lol, I just hate the mentality that if a game gets a bunch of good scores and a few lower scores that those lower scores are automatically null and void because they don't go along with the herd.

Everyone has different tastes, thus there will be some people out there that this sort of game won't appeal to.

Relientk771524d ago

Alot of the other scores are like 9s and 10s

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