How ARK: Survival Evolved Finally Hooked Me, Despite How Awful It Looks

COG writes: It’s buggy, glitchy and looks like hell but it’s about the most fun we’ve had with a game in quite some time. We check out a preview version of ARK: Survival Evolved and walk away hooked.

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Digital_Anomaly1528d ago

That was my first thought on this was how bad it looked... but looks aren't everything so maybe it's worth trying out.

never4get1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Well in engine Unreal Engine 4 lighting are awful, it should have VXGI but ARK: Survival Evolved is well thought out game. The game shouldn't try to make lush crysis-like world and should focus more on gameplay, better lighting would be awesome.

LordMaim1528d ago

It looks really good on the PC, but even then it has performance issues unless you have a high end machine. My biggest problem is that it's a sandbox at the moment, with end game content still being added. As long as you go into it with the understanding that it's early access, you should have a lot of fun.

Sonyslave31528d ago

Gameplay and Fun > Graphics and Res I just hope the final version the frame rate is stable that all.

Trunkz Jr1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

I got 740 hrs on Ark, if you get a friend or 2 to play with ya, its crazy fun, just try to find a server thats been fresh wiped early so you aren't too behind the rest of the tribes. Don't join a tribe that hands everything to you, its more fun building your way up.