The Curious Case of Square Enix’s Inconsistent Respect for its IP

Hardcore Gamer: There’s been a lot of strange things happening at Square Enix recently, and even though its Montreal Studio has become perhaps the most heralded mobile developer on the planet, there are plenty of reasons for gamers to be concerned with the behavior of this massive corporation.

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bixxel1529d ago

What are the differences between AAA and IP games?

Volkama1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Those aren't mutually exclusive terms.

IP is intellectual property, it basically refers to ownership of the franchise. Without going into depth, it covers the title, setting, and characters. It exists to protect the rights of whoever owns the original property, so that others cannot make fake sequels/spin-offs. IP can be bought and sold.

AAA has a few definitions kicking around, but mostly people seem to apply it to any game with a big budget.

ScorpiusX1529d ago

As long that i get a game , am good with how they respect their property .

Khaotic1529d ago

Umm so your ok with a bad game? Cause if they dont respect their ips then thats very likely. And if they dont respect their properties do you think as a consumer you will be respected.

ScorpiusX1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

All i want is a game , other than that i do not care what any company does to it property.
As for Faulty, Buggy games it happens no one releases a perfect.

averagejoe261529d ago

The curious case of "journalists" not knowing what they're talking about.

The entire article is basically complaining about games that nobody has played yet and complaining about long development cycles (why not just have them release the games faster, at less quality? That'll make us happy, right? )

Not to mention some "facts" here just aren't correct. FFXV has not had a 10 year development cycle. The development for the current game that is now FFXV is a few years long, not 10.

Also, still spreading the false info that FFVII is episodic (when it's been confirmed not to be) just really drove home that this person has no idea what they're talking about.

Not to mention, the way they've been handling FFXV is unlike any developer in console history. Failed to mention that, eh? Using multiple demos, surveys and fan feedback to shape the game into what the people want. And the constant updates and conversations through the active time reports. They're handling that IP extremely well.