Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain Player Managed To Capture Footage Of Ocelot On Mother Base

WCCFT: Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain was originally going to come with some very interesting features that sadly didn't make it in the final game, like the ability to interact with other characters on Mother Base and many others. Their presence on Mother Base, however, has been left in Easter Eggs, and players have managed in the past months to locate some of these characters when leaving the base for a mission.

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bixxel1536d ago

SO, what's so special? Everytime that I visit Mother Base, I find Ocelot there.

Repjaws1535d ago

That's only during cut scenes,you can't actually find him when you're free roaming the mother base.

1535d ago
TheROsingleB1535d ago

I've seen Code Talker sitting up in that area when leaving Mother Base, but only ONCE ever in the tons of hours I've poured into that game.