DOOM Difficulty Has Been Dialed Up; Non-linear Exploration Confirmed Alongside More Story

DOOM's difficulty has been recently increased, according to the Executive Producer. Non-linear exploration will also be featured heavily, while it will be possible to find more story about the Marine.

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AizenSosuke1536d ago

Doom is going to be Doom-autiful! (Get the pun).

AizenSosuke1536d ago

Ikr terrible pun, I just want to see who would boo me first.

UltraNova1535d ago

Dude it was sooo bad that it wasn't even good...That pun attempt was Doomed to fail ;-)

I really hope they innovate enough and give us a really good fps experience, its been a while since we had one of those.

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TheFanboySlayer1535d ago

Yup it does look promising. Judging from the Alpha which I was a part of, I had a great time with it to be honest. I'd expect nothing less from a Doom game.

Jmanzare1535d ago

Non linear exploring? That's not what doom is about unless they are just talking about secret rooms

Frisky1536d ago

This is why I'd want to buy it. Just like Dark Souls, you'd die in doom, die, die and die again, but the fun won't end.

Alexious1536d ago

Please, no. Dark Souls is just too much for me!

Whitefeather1536d ago

This will have a difficulty setting so font fret.

Guyfamily9991536d ago

To white feather:
*Times New Roman pacing in circle, fretting if he'll be able to complete the new Doom game*

Just making fun :D

1535d ago
Jmanzare1535d ago

Comic sans! Lol that's scary enough

insomnium21535d ago

I'm playing this on "I'm a wimp". The traditional way of ramping up the difficulty is to simply give enemies moar health and up their attack/accuracy and I hate that traditional way. It feels cheap. It starts to piss me off the third time I die.

Jmanzare1535d ago

Yea I hate that too I wish they would just make the ai smarter ie flanking, rushing when they know your health is down. But if that's the way you look at it turning down the difficulty makes the enemies die faster and aim is all over the place. There's always a difficulty that is balanced though.
Off topic: is your username inspired by the band insomnium?

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sullynathan1536d ago

No, you don't die if you're good in doom and unlike dark souls, there are no checkpoints and you can save as much as you want.

Dark_Crow1535d ago

Dark souls difficulty is really nonexistent once you learn to play the game. Sure you die at almost everyboss at least once but that's only cuz the game is designed that way.

I feel like the whole dark souls difficulty thing needs to stop. It's really not that hard for hardcore gamers.

Jmanzare1535d ago

I agree 100% I think it's the lack of checkpoints and looming feeling when you're carrying too many souls that people relate with "difficulty" lol. I have a friend who won't play the game because he doesn't want to play a game that's "hard just for the sake of being hard" and then I just tell him it's not hard at all and I can tell he gets pissed because I'm insinuating that he sucks and needs his hand held lol. And then he will talk about how clarevoyance ruined skyrim lol.

Salooh1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Look , i just played bloodborne again ( NG+ ). Yes, it was soo easy for me to the point that i killed 4 bosses before i die and i died only because i wanted to go nuts lol. But the first walk-through was awesome , insane, fun and new experience even though i played the soul games. It was easy because i already learned how to play it very well. As long a game gives you that learning experience in first walk-through then i am fine.

Sadly most games feels simple these days , just 1 hour into first play-through in hardest difficulty and i feel like i played it for years..

NarooN1535d ago

Doom is the type of shooter that actually has a legitimate skill ceiling, like its sister-game Quake. You don't really die a lot if you're actually good. It doesn't have faux-difficulty like Dark Souls. Dark Souls is the type of game literally designed around you dying and even then once you learn the game properly it's not hard anymore.

showtimefolks1535d ago


i really want to know what is fun in keep dying? really do want to know.

anyone knows if there are different difficulty options or just one default?

Jmanzare1535d ago

It's not the dying that's fun it's the feeling you get when you are victorious. Finally beating a boss that made you stop playing the game for month finding a new bonfire, opening up a new shortcut.

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RosweeSon1536d ago

The alpha was pretty cool considering it was the 1 map and select weapons and what not when everything is ready and all the maps should be awesome.

Free_Fro1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

I can't wait to play this..

I'm craving a solid FPS on my PS4.

When is the release date for this?

Alexious1536d ago

Amazon France said 30 June, though I think it's a little late.

Maybe mid-June at the latest.

Dark_Crow1535d ago

Doesn't the ps4 have great variety?
I'm sure there's a solid fps out there.

You should play this on pc.

Jmanzare1535d ago

No everyone knows xbox is the " bro shooter" console smh.
Its why ps4 gets all exclusive content for 3rd party shooters (cod, battlefront, destiny) because they can't make a decent one themselves.