Valkyria Chronicles PS4 Remaster Gets Some Sweet Gameplay Footage

During a livestream on Nico Nico, hosted by the creator of the Yakuza series Toshihiro Nagoshi, Sega showcased a sizable batch of gameplay of the new Valkyria Chornicles PS4 remaster.

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kotaku771527d ago

This game doesn't need a remaster. Make us a VC 2, or add a lot of content, or something

Abriael1527d ago

Uh? Valkyria Chronicles 2 was released ages ago.

kotaku771527d ago

I didn't knew that. VC2 is from 2010 and it was released on the PSP.

TomatoDragon1527d ago

Was such an awesome game.

ServerBOT1527d ago

Something i've always noticed on most japanese streams i've seen and i;ve only seen a few is that there is always a girl and they just say "hai", meaning yes/yep ?

Abriael1527d ago

Actually this one talked a lot through the whole rest of the stream :D

Dioxinis1527d ago

Why arent they doing a remaster of VC 2 and 3? or releasing it as a trilogy like Uncharted?

we already had a console release of VC and its on PC now ... i want a release of VC 2 and 3... guess i'll just have to emulate it on PC

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