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A Kickstarter campaign from two years ago has led to the long-awaited release of Darkest Dungeon, one of the best roguelike RPG titles we’ve ever played.

Gamers who enjoy the challenge of a good roguelike or a great turn-based roleplaying game should look no further: Darkest Dungeon has finally arrived. The game had to go through its own series of hurdles before it could even present its challenges to players: Darkest Dungeon went through a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, and had almost two years of development time before finally going gold this week after plenty of fan feedback and a a foreboding trailer.

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Takwin1536d ago

I've played it at many times throughout its development, since I was a Kickstarter backer, and it was a refreshing, yet punishing game that did deliver what they promised from the outset and is a solid game. I still don't like the "corpse" mechanic they introduced a while back, but it can be turned off (and I highly recommend it is).

9/10 and a must-play if you like roguelikes or turn-based RPGs.

And that narrator!