The 7 most exciting new things you'll be doing in Uncharted 4 [Spoilers]

If you believe the stories, Nathan Drake’s discovered El Dorado, traveled to Shambhala and met ancient Djinn spirits. And now the last chapter’s on the way. But what do we really know about Nate’s next adventure? We’ve dug up a journal’s worth of info, and made some informed guesses, on what you’ll be doing in Uncharted 4.

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Free_Fro1529d ago

thanks for sharing but I'd rather find out myself ^_^

ClayRules20121529d ago

I'll be an emotional wreck, knowing its Drake's last globe-trotting adventure. However, all the new things we'll all experience in Uncharted 4, as Drake, will be awesome & unforgettable.

April 26th, please hurry up.

esmittystud1011529d ago

I couldn't actually read the article because I'm only on Chapter 13 of Drake's Deception. I really like the story for the series. I like how they kept with the same characters and now I have a good attachment to them. So many games I play that the story never really matters to me, but this one........can't wait to see how Drake's Deception ends and then I can ponder on A Thief's End.

ClayRules20121529d ago

I'm glad to hear you've been enjoying the series, buddy =) Have you played The Last of Us?

esmittystud1011529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Yes. It was one of the first games I bought for PS4 when the remastered version hit which was right after I bought a PS4. Very good game. Story wise was top knotch. Naughty Dog set the bar with that story. I also have to praise them on top of there industry leading stories. The sounds in these Naughty Dog games are great as well. With my headset now: 7.1 Surround, Uncharted: TNDC and The Last of Us might be my favorite video game soundtracks of all time. Music and sounds are top notch. I'm even going one step further in saying Naughty Dog has had my best linear game expierences yet. Best linear games out there.

I never owned a PS3, so all these remasterd games have been a great expierence for me on PS4.

jb2271529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

What I wouldn't give to be able to replay those games in their best version for the first time. How have you found the series? It is personally my favorite franchise from last gen & I've got high hopes for UC4.

Glad that this video pointed out the small bit of info we got way back this time last year from the Game Informer article about the revamped treasure hunting system. That was such a big piece of news but its gone unmentioned anywhere since...haven't seen it in action yet, haven't seen any outlets speculate on what it entails, but for an Adventurer like Nate it makes sense that he'd have a focus on treasure hunting through his escapades. I collected all of the trinkets in the last titles just so I could have a reason to explore every inch of the gorgeous world that ND crafted, even though there was no real narrative tie or anything much to this one we apparently will be able to access long running narrative side threads pertaining to the history of each location, and apparently there may be ways to access new areas while hunting them down. I love that ND has stuck to their guns and not created some wildly different take on the franchise for the last installment, they truly seem to just be expanding upon all of the things from the last games while retaining the core feel of the areas but not open world, treasure hunting but not xp farming, new methods of traversal in the piton & rope but not brand new platforming ideas...wish we'd get more videos like this one because the hype is killing me and I just want to see other people's ideas of what UC4 can & will be

Also, good on you for recognizing the audio design & score work for the ND material, those themes are like the pavlov's dog bell everytime I hear them, I know there's some great adventure in store...I know they have a new composer for UC4 so I'm hoping he can keep up that standard of quality & try to even surpass it (which will be a tough obstacle for sure)

esmittystud1011528d ago

Revamped treasure hunting system........I'm even more pumped after hearing that even though I love how they did it before. The only thing I worry about with this game is the 30 fps. I hope I still have the same feel as I did with the previous games. I think if there is much of a difference, it's something I can deal with.