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NelMaNo writes for P&L:"Rebel Galaxy welcomed this newcomer with open arms; everything works as one to create something truly great."

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burza19821527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Nope....Game is boring. You can buy match more interesting games on Steam similar to that.
Graphic in Rebel is just not right.
This is actually really, really, really poor copy of EvE Online

nowitzki20041527d ago

This is a review for PS4, and for PS4 this is an amazing sim compared to the other space sim options.

amnalehu1527d ago

I agree. this is a really good game.

burza19821526d ago

Thing is... there is no other Space SIM options on Ps4 that is way PS4 players might like it.
I actually bought this game on PS4 but I also playing games on Steam and...really is at least 10-20 games better (Space SIM) than Rebel Galaxy.
That is way my opinion is low on that.

LordMaim1526d ago

Sorry, your opinion isn't shared by everyone. I personally like the game a lot and it has nothing to do with EVE Online. A much closer comparison would be Privateer or Elite, rather than EvE which is entirely multiplayer driven. If you find this game boring (and are making a comparison to EVE), then perhaps you were expecting a different kind of game.