Microsoft To Talk About Future Of Xbox For Windows; Share New Platform Innovations At GDC 2016

During the GDC 2016, Microsoft will be talking about the future of Xbox for Windows, and how Xbox Live connects players on Win10 platforms.

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Dark_Crow1535d ago

For those people who get crazy ideas about what micrsooft is doing let's be clear.

Microsoft gaming started on Windows. If anything Microsoft is using Windows as their second gaming platform. Also by fusing pc and Xbox it will make it that much easier for them to have all pc games on xbox and that much harder for Sony to grab exclusive deals to prevent Xbox players from playing certain games as they may have to pay to keep it from 2 joint platforms instead of just one.

Imagine being able to buy pc games on your Xbox and play them directly on the Xbox.

chaosx1535d ago

this will be the last xbox . Next time you will see xbox branded pc's. xbox live will become the core and hardware will be with of your own design or a PC ( one of many configurations) out of a box with a xbox logo. Microsoft are playing it smart in the long run.
its a similar strategy as Sony setting up there hardware to use PSNow , which will be the evolution of their PS console.