'The Witness’ Dev Says VR Compatibility In The Works, But Not For PlayStation VR

The Witness will have VR compatibility creator Jonathan Blow told iDigitalTimes, so indie game lovers can explore the beautiful world of The Witness in virtual reality. Unless you want to do it with PlayStation VR, then you’re screwed. The Witness will eventually be compatible with VR headsets on PC, but won’t be compatible with PlayStation VR. Blow confirmed to iDigitalTimes there are no plans to make the game compatible with Sony’s VR headset at present.

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YinYangGaming1524d ago

I'd imagine it's due to the power difference as you need really powerful rigs to run games like this in VR

MasterCornholio1524d ago

Its saddening but at least it's finally coming out.


YinYangGaming1524d ago

Yeah but as long as we get No mans sky for PSVR then that justifies the purchase for me

Neonridr1522d ago

well, he also said that for the PSVR, support would have had to have been there from the start. For the PC, it's a little easier to go back and tweak some things.

I wouldn't necessarily claim it is due to power as this game doesn't look to be pushing any machine to the max. Still a very pretty game though, don't get me wrong.

ScorpiusX1524d ago

Damn , that was straight forward . lol ha ha