GameStop purchase intent survey mentions NX, asks if you plan to buy within next 12 months

Nintendo will be revealing more about its next console this year, but ahead of any official announcement we've been inundated with rumours, speculation and some reports that seem to suggest that NX will be with us before the close of 2016.

More fuel has been added to that particular fire thanks to GameStop, which has published a survey which asks its customers if they intend to buy NX - or whatever it ends up being called - in the next 12 months. As common sense would indicate, you can't buy something that isn't out in the next 12 months, so this could be seen as reasonably solid evidence that Nintendo is launching new hardware this year.

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Perjoss1532d ago

Day 1 for me, Nintendo haven't disappointed me yet.

ninsigma1532d ago

Looking forward to the reveal. Quite liked the wii u.

never4get1532d ago

Xenoblade NX with realistic Lighting launch title!

ninsigma1532d ago

Haven't played xenoblade. I might pick it up this year if I find some time!

Geobros1532d ago

Me too. The only Nintendo dissapointement I had all those years was the first party games of Gamecube but I dont wanna be offtopic.

I am watching every rumor, news for the new console. I hope to have news soon, at E3 for example.

Tobsesan1532d ago

We dont even know what we get with the NX. Let them announce it and i will see if I get it

I3loggs241532d ago

How can you ask me if I will purchase day 1 when I have no clue as to what it actually is?...
I am very interested in what the Nintendo NX is, and i may buy day 1 if its a gaming console (duh), is priced right for its hardware (ps4 is 2 years old now, I want the NX to outperform the ps4), and is it backwards compatible with the Wii U...

skydragoonityx1532d ago

NX? I don't even know what that is talk less of getting it

MasterCornholio1532d ago

I need to know what it is first......

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