Any of these 7 reasons ever made you stop gaming?

MWEB GameZone writes: "If you’ve been playing video games for a few years now, you probably have a bunch of unfinished games collecting virtual dust in your gaming library. The most common and simple reason to stop playing a game is that you just don’t like it.

Here are the seven reasons you might stop playing a game even though you've thoroughly enjoyed it."

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PixelGateUk1528d ago

5 and 7 every time.

7 is pretty much every MMO. Star Wars Galaxies stands out in that respect

Army_of_Darkness1528d ago

Agreed with always holds us back from enjoying our games back to back.... Having a gf takes away more than half of my gaming time, but the funny thing is when we broke up, I was too sad too play games lol!

Sillicur1528d ago

Damn pesky thing called life!

UltraNova1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

5 and 2 for me. Fallout 3 and Oblivion was a nightmare with saves.

@ Army,

I hope you have realized, sooner rather than later, that being sad over a break up is no excuse on abandoning gaming ;-)

Trust me my girlfriend is always going on and on and on about me spending too much time on video games. Its so frustrating! Its even more frustrating when you are cooping a super hard area in DS2 and she wants to play Worms immediately, dare not succumb? You're hear it for days! Haha

Friendly tip: Make sure you 'interview' your next girlfriend to see what she thinks about gaming first and warn her that you are a gamer. maybe it will help during future gaming related arguments ;-)

Army_of_Darkness1528d ago

Thanks for the tip bro, but in all honesty, I knew my ex from the get go wasn't into games but that was perfectly fine cause she compensated in other areas ;-) if you see where I'm cumming from lol.... Damn...
Catch me on Instagram as the.Fit.Gamer ;-)

UltraNova1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )


I totally get you...

Anw I guess as long as she kept the surfboard waxed and ready for some wet adventures no harm done!

PS: Dude we need to keep this word-play in check we got innocent young gamers around here who might be offended! hehehehe

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HanCilliers1528d ago

No 5 prevented me from playing games for about one year. Also got a bit over the online thing - annoying bros and such :P

ZombieDreddZA1528d ago

Yeah, life has been known to get in the way a little too much unfortunately.

DarkOcelet1528d ago

Duke Nukem Forever left a really bad taste in my mouth.

I am usually ok with playing bad games if they have at least one good thing in it.

But in that game, i couldn't find anything at all. This is an experience i don't want to try again.

Heyxyz1528d ago

What killed Duke Nukem Forever for me were those awful "platforming" sections. First person platforming is usually terrible, but Duke made them even worse.

DarkOcelet1528d ago

Platforming was awful
Puzzles were so boring
Levels were uninspired
Boss fights were so bad
Turret sections were so useless
Story sucks
Terrible graphics
Worst Mini games in the history
Bad jokes

Just thinking about this game hurts my head. Gearbox seriously effed up here. You know, if they made the game copy and paste of Borderlands, i would have actually liked that much more.

Heyxyz1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Let's see...

Number 1: Yes, this has ruined many games for me in the past.

Number 2: I complete every game I buy, so this hasn't stopped me. I will admit it is extremely annoying though. When I was about halfway through The Witcher 3 I lost my save file, and while I liked the game this really hindered my enjoyment.

Number 3: Never happened, but I have no friends that are really into games, so I don't join clans.

Number 4: Nope, difficulty actually inspires me.

Number 5: While this does get in the way, I still find time to play games.

Number 6: Nobody in my family plays games, in fact I'd say my family is anti-game. I also live alone, so there's that also.

Number 7: Yes. In my opinion, GTA: Online was so much better before the heist update. I used to be really into GTA: Online, but I've barely played it since said update.

Cool list. I had fun checking it out.

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