Are MMOs the Nursing Homes of Franchises?

This article delves into the impact of MMOs within a franchise. Are MMOs the last stop for a franchise, i.e. WoW (hint: it's not)? After all, there are franchises like Final Fantasy that turn the idea around.

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PixelGateUk1536d ago

'But then why hasn’t Blizzard done anything with the Warcraft franchise since World of Warcraft?'

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

They also have Heroes of the storm and Overwatch on their books.

' A franchise MMO is a big responsibility, one that is only attempted when said franchise is well-established. In other words, an MMO is more like a nice house purchased after years of effort and saving, when a franchise is comfortable to accomplish such.''

Again, they Blizzard literally have their hands full. Diablo 3 is still updated on a regular basis. Hearthstone is a huge success, SC2 has only just finished its story. Overwatch isn't even out yet and WoW has not run it's course.

We can't expect them just to fart out a Warcraft game...i mean we can but then you'll get another case of rushed and broken games. Do you remember how Ultima 9 turned out?