Legacy of Kain Dead Sun (cancelled) Screenshots

" I’ve done two threads on this game already; one in 2013, with artwork and UI graphics, and another earlier this year with two videos. Also, this thread about all the cancelled games in the series is relevant if you haven’t done the background reading!"

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chrisx1537d ago

A new legacy of kain game on current gen is needed. done well it will be amazing

XisThatKid1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Check this out if you haven't yet and Like said below this my 1st/2nd fav franchise of all time
I would have loved to get this game I just wishe we can get another entry in the series

XisThatKid1537d ago

This is my 1/2nd fav all time fav franchise I really wish I can get a sequel some time in the next few years.

Roccetarius1537d ago

Based on the video they released about this game, it's a good thing it was cancelled.

ZaWarudo1537d ago

Is it the same game? Because yeah, that video bored me to tears.

Niceman911537d ago

From the gameplay videos I've seen, I wholeheartedly agree! Dead Sun doesn't look anything like a Legacy of Kain title. With that said, it's been a very long time since a developer has delved into this universe (excluding Nosgoth for obvious reasons) and we are long overdue a true to source-material entry in this much-loved series.

Does anyone think this is very similar in terms of gameplay to Shadow of Mordor?

lociefer1537d ago

as far as i know this was a reboot, so the story of kain and raziel would be canned and we would never know how the hylden messed with nosgoth, so its actually good its cancelled

PaleMoonDeath1537d ago

Glad this LOK was scrapped, the gameplay looked to far removed from the originals and Soul Reaver, and the tasteless writing made me urk.

This is Amy's baby, only she should write for the series unless a step by step reboot was done.

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