Do We Even Need The Resident Evil 0 HD Remake

Capcom should return to the basics, but giving fans another remake is not the solution.

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2pacalypsenow1536d ago (Edited 1536d ago )

Resident Evil 0 is not a remake it's a remaster of an original Resident Evil game , and yes because not many people got to play this great game in 2002 , and calling the directors cut a remake and the 2002 version a remaster?

TomatoDragon1536d ago

Sure. You're under no obligation to purchase it, but its there if you ever do have the itch.

poison_shadow1536d ago

Yes, we do. Some of us wanted it. Especially when Capcom's new ideas lead to stuff like Operation: Raccoon City and the upcoming multiplayer game.

Also, it's a remaster. What they're doing to RE2 is a remake.

Donnywho1536d ago

It's a solid game and not a lot of people owned a Gamecube. So yea, we did need this one.

Neonridr1536d ago

No we don't, but this is all Capcom seems to be giving us. At least it is one of the better Resident Evil titles.. not like the garbage 5 or 6..

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