Evolve's Latest DLC Character Splices Her DNA to Use Monster Abilities

"How far would you go to stop these things?"

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DarkOcelet1530d ago

"Splices Her DNA" ?

Is it trying to become Bioshock now?

Maybe this is a teaser from 2K that tells us that Bioshock 4 trailer incoming soon

Lennoxb631530d ago

Bioshock isn't the first game to splice DNA.

DarkOcelet1530d ago

It might not be but its the most famous one with Splicers and all that.

And besides , both Bioshock and Evolve are 2K games so its most likely a reference to Bioshock.

Perjoss1529d ago

I'm sure everyone still playing Evolve will be pleased, all both of them.

shadowknight2031529d ago

If u wanna feel like the developers are creating dlc specifically for you then play Evolve. Because most likely you'll be the only person playing it.