How to Hatch The One True Morty

Pocket Mortys took everyone by surprise, hitting the Play and App stores so fast, the video game media didn't get advanced copies in order to solidify coverage. Because of this, many strategy sites recommend buying your way through a paywall as a legitimate strategy to level Egg Morty from 5-20 to hatch The One True Morty.

Here's a real strategy to grind your way through hatching The One True Morty that the average person can actually follow.

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Darcsoul1535d ago

Switching out can be a bit slow, but I also didn't want to spend money to get level-up seeds or anything. The best way to do it was to wait until you have a few Mr. Meeseeks boxes, which should happen by the time you get the egg. After that, during the next Council Rick fight, just put the egg up against the last 3 Mortys that the Council Rick has and use the Mr. Meeseeks boxes to autokill them. You'll get a ton of XP and should be able to get the egg to level 20 to hatch. I did this and actually got my One True Morty up to level 22.