PS4 Exclusive Dreams Gets Beautiful 1080p Screenshot; Media Molecule Teases… Paintings?

Media Molecule is continuing to trickle down assets about its upcoming PS4 exclusive Dreams, and today they shared a new screenshot, and something special.

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ps5fanboy1537d ago

Hoping you can do spray can art in v.r...

Paytaa1537d ago

Very unique game. Some of these creations are straight up beautiful.

Wallstreet371537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Seems like it will be a jammed pack and feature set, creative game. I swear when it comes to innovation and creativity, "Media Molecule" are arguably the most innovative and creative devs in the industry.

ChrisW1537d ago

What's does 1080p mean here? I've never heard of it when referring to paintings.

1537d ago
AgentSmithPS41537d ago

I saw a Dreams video on youtube(?) where they showed that you can create 2D paintings similar to what painters do on a canvas. I think at least 2 of the devs were in the vid and they even had a surprisingly detailed Jimi Hendrix head. This 'game' will be great, I just hope I can add voices to characters.

abstractel1537d ago

They've stated you can record any sounds you want. I don't know how it will be monitored, but it's in the menu and they have talked about it.

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