Emotions Run High as Dieselpunk RPG InSomnia Runs Out of Kickstarter Money

Stephanie Smith writes: "It does not take a degree in accounting to know that a game of this scale could not be completed on $92K, which is how much the Kickstarter raised. According to developers they have spent $140K of their own money on top of the Kickstarter funds and with their bigger team now spend an average of $18K a month. The InSomnia Team aren't ready to resign just yet, they've put too much work into the game."

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garyanderson1529d ago

Really looking forward to this game, hope it turns out ok.

Neonridr1529d ago

damn, I backed this project. Here's hoping I get to see a game at the end of all of this. Shame that they ran out of funds.

Kickstarter is always so hit and miss.

Talgrath1529d ago

If you kickstart something, you have to consider that to be lost money, money spent for fun, a gamble as surely as buying a Powerball ticket. Anyone that thought that game could get made for a few dozen thousand dollars doesn't understand accounting.

frostypants1529d ago

If what they have so far is impressive they should be able to secure funding from somewhere.

No_Pantaloons1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Based on the article "game was originally much smaller and due out last year," I would have to say the rage is justified. Everyone wants to make AAA titles, but if you're using KS you need to set realistic goals and deliver that. You can expand the next game as you build trust.

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