Gamestyle review: Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2

Gamestyle reports:

''Bizarrely, despite having far less production values than other titles released at the same time it was Geometry Wars: Retro evolved that stole the show at launch. A mixture of classic gameplay and crazy stylised visuals made it a hit with plenty of people yearning for the days of challenging high scores. Since then weve had the equally good Galaxies and now two and a half years after the XBLA original we the sequel everyones been waiting for, and its certainly been worth the wait.

Now instead of just giving us one mode of play, we now have six. Deadline, King, Evolved, Pacifism, Waves and Sequence. Evolved and Waves are what most players will know, the latter being the game featured in PGR4. King and Pacifism are the two most interested modes. In King there are three bubbles, and the rule is that you can only shoot within those bubbles. Enemies may not be able to penetrate the bubble but you can't stay there for too long because after three seconds the bubble will start to rapidly shrink. So it's a case of shooting as many enemies as you can before running like the wind. It becomes increasingly difficult as the spawn times become shorter and faster enemies start to appear.''

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