Average video gamer is 35 years old, 1/3 of US households own a console

A new industry report released by IBISWorld, reveals women and older adults -- not the proverbial nerdy teenage boys -- are the new driving force behind the success of the video games industry as console manufacturers and software developers race to expand their offerings beyond the traditional action genre which has always appealed to youngsters. According to the report: *38 percent of U.S. gamers are women and the average player is 35 years old, *The average purchaser of video games is 39 years old, *24 percent of game players are aged over 50, *around a third of American households have a gaming console.

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rhood0223740d ago

Oh thank God. I've got 11 more years to be a gamer before it's considered odd.

SabreMan3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

gaming is more accepted now than ever before it's completely lost it's "geek" tag from times gone by

Caxtus7503740d ago

I wouldnt say "completely" lol but it is definitely getting there.

It is all based on what you own now it seems:

Wii and Wii sports = seemingly not geeky
PS3/360 with Singstar or Madden = seemingly non geeky
Ps3/360 with Killzone or Gears of War = GEEKY

:( sigh. When will the persecution end?

rhood0223740d ago

I was being a little sarcastic. Should have noted that. lol

I really don't care if its accepted or not. I looooves my games! Plus, it mellows me out when stress creeps in.

Mr_Bun3740d ago

I'm 31 and can't believe that I am actually younger than the average!

Ju3740d ago

37. Seams about right.

Majors3740d ago

LOL 35 and my fingers are starting to slow down...or these kids have bionic fingers ??

SabreMan3740d ago

another thirty something here, thirty eight to be exact and can still mix it with the best of them

cervantes993740d ago

38 and playing every night :)

Don't get those dang blasted skateboard and guitar games though ... lol.

Gish3740d ago

29... Why is it that the late 20's to early 30 somethings tend to be worried they are getting too old, then we feel so good to see that there is no age limit. Well, only limited by the wife or girlfriend needing more attention... Glad to hear it.

specialguest3740d ago

And desperately holding on to my last year of being in my 20's.

Figboy3740d ago

and been gaming strong since the NES in 1985!

it's no surprise that the average gamer is in that 35 age range. i mean, they grew like i did, playing Atari and NES, and never dropped the hobby.

now that we're older, have jobs, we can, if bills and life permit, afford to buy games. a lot of us even have kids that we buy systems and games for.

already, businesses are starting to see how HUGE of a money maker the gaming industry is (grossing BILLIONS a year; i bet if you went back to 1985 and told Nintendo and Sega that gaming would be worth BILLIONS by the year 2006, they'd have had you committed), and it's becoming more widely accepted that gaming is a legitimate form of entertainment.

but it's really still just our generation pushing the industry forward(as much as the Wii has captivated that older demographic, not all of them are going to be around in 10 years or more, so our generation better be kept interested in gaming while the younger folks grow up and get jobs of their own to support their love of gaming).

if we keep our interest in gaming even when we get older, settle down, have kids, gaming could easily become the premiere form of entertainment for the future, with film being a second place.

spectyre3740d ago

The only thing my age brings is lack of time. Hopefully I'm still fairly lucid when I get to retirement age cause my social security checks are getting cashed at Gamestop.

etownone3740d ago

<------- 33 years young

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Megaton3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago ) why are we still not allowed to have AO-rated console games? Oh right, bad parents who want misguided legislature and censorship to raise their children.

Kratos Spartan3740d ago

with 25 years gaming. Started in '83 with Intellivision. What's your story?

Megaton3740d ago

24 with 20 years of gaming. Popped my cherry on a Pac-Man arcade machine. Got into the NES shortly after.

rhood0223740d ago

Stole my brother's NES in '87 when I was 4 years old. Loved that Duck Hunt/Mario/Track and Field. And, as the cool kids say, "it was on!"

Mr_Bun3740d ago

I had "colecovision" and I remember playing golf...back then I thought the "higher" the score meant you won.

DaKid3740d ago

LOL, I did the same thing my borther and I would compete for the highest score.

va_bank3740d ago

Living back in Soviet Union, playing Russian arcade knock-offs of "Periscope" and "Pong". Moved on to Street Fighter (Original, not SF2) while living in Italy, bought My first console in 1990 - Genesis, a year after coming to U.S.

kingme713740d ago

Turned 37 today actually.

First @ home game was the ole Atari playing the packin Combat which was so advanced :)

boodybandit3740d ago

I started in the 70's when my parents bought pong from Sears with 2 paddles and I haven't looked back. I remember the first time I saw the first Atari console. We thought it was the most amazing visuals ever.

Anyone remember Warlord, Breakout, Quadrapong on Atari?

Majors3740d ago

Oh yes that brings back memories..... especially on my first "spare" tv for my games which was b&w lol.. Those were the days.

kingme713740d ago

Thanks nos4speed! Today is also the first day of school for my kids which is the biggest present yet ;) Get em out of the house and get their little brains working again.

Chubear3740d ago

Played Atari sure but was totally drawn into to gaming when the NES took root.
Was about to stop gaming (or slow down considerably) until Kutaragi San & Kojima San showed me what the future was gaming was goin to be with MGS1 on the PS1 - SOLD!

VGs have over taken movie watching for my digital entertainment especially this gen.

spectyre3740d ago

I started with a similar machine. In fact, We had that console before we could get cable.

Tru_Ray3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

My first console was the NES. Then I purchased every system made by Nintendo thereafter (the only exception being the Wii... I am old school). I was a big Dreamcast guy, but I defected to the Playstation camp when I saw the trailer for FFX, which was included with the DVD release for FF: The Spirirs Within.

Next it was the underappreciated FFXI that took over 18 months of my life...

It is nice to hear that our "niche" industry is finally receiving mainstream acceptance.

thebudgetgamer3740d ago

im 30 my first console the 2600 first game pole position Ive been a gamer since and i cant see a time when i wont be

Marceles3735d ago

25 and have been gaming for 20+ years ever since I got an Atari 7800 with Donkey Kong Junior, Pole Position 2, and Ms. Pac-man

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DaKid3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

This is why Nintendo is doing so well. All those older people buying and playing games now, they are remembering back 20 some years ago to when Nintendo was on top. (A good example is a lot of older people I know substitute Nintendo for playing on a Game. Example is my mom would ask if I was going to play nentendo, when I has a PS2 at the time.) With exception to all the older gamers that know a thing or two about gameing(see people above).

Also many people in college are getting the Wii, just for wii sports.

Ju3740d ago

I doubt that with all that years of gaming your primary choice is the Wii. The Wii opens up to people without any experience and with age all across the board. My wife never played video games, but she plays Wii sports with my 7 year old now.

Chubear3740d ago

Now their core fanbase is the general public instead of the normal core gamer. So seeing as the population of the general public seriously out weighs the population of core gamers (or people who consider themselves core gamers), Nintendo's Wii has been doing well.

spectyre3740d ago

I am 41 and the first console I bought was the NES. From there I bought the Genesis, then the PS1,PS2,Gamecube(for the kids),PS3. I have tried to like Nintendo games but I have yet to complete a game on the Gamecube. I bought alot of their "best rated" games and I just can't seem to stick with it to the end. My 9 year old daughter played SMG8 for a while at a demo kiosk and she said she didn't like it.

My sister on the other hand is 10 years older than I am and she never played video games and always said they were a stupid waste of time. She bought a Wii about 4 months ago and of course I had to throw that "stupid waste of time" comment in her face. She said she liked it because the controls for the other games were to confusing.