Atomic Gamer Preview: Dead Space

AG reports:

''If this year's E3 convinced me of one thing, it's that the "In space no one can hear you scream." theory is total crap. I don't care what Ridley Scott says, after witnessing a demo of EA's new sci-fi survival horror IP Dead Space, I'm convinced otherwise; not only did the game's hero and many tormented enemies do lots of high-pitched wailing, but some fellow attendees even let out a few school-girlish-like yelps during some of the game's more gruesome monster-in-the-closet-moments. Never mind space, with all the yelling going on in that demo room, I'm certain every corner of the universe got their hearing tested.

I'm guessing all the screams are music to EA's ears, though, as the earlier buzz for Dead Space was pretty minimal. I know my personal interest wasn't piqued until I got some actual hands-on time, as the previews, videos, and screenshots I had seen before had done little to present this title properly. I went into the demo expecting another Aliens, Doom or (insert generic sci-fi alien-infestation tale, here) rip-off, but what I got was a genuinely scary survival horror experience. In fact, it's worth mentioning the EA folks seemed to be going out of theit way to refer to this game as one that'd fit nicely into the fright-inducing genre; I can recall multiple times during the demo when it was referred to specifically as a "Survival Horror" title. Clearly, the folks powering the marketing machine know the game's most appealing feature is its ability to scare the pants off players, and they don't want them mistaking it for a go-for-broke shooter. To be sure, Dead Space's pace is deliberate, favoring occasional strategic shootouts over constant run-and-gun chaos. If you're expecting guns-blazing, classic DOOM-like gameplay, you may be disappointed in Deep Space's focus on mood setting over baddie blasting. But don't worry, if your trigger finger is burning, this one still packs plenty of opportunities to soothe it.''

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