How many more big Wii U announcements do you think we'll get?

How many would you even want?, Wii U. The Wii U is in a interesting place right now. The past 12 months have seen it spawn relatively big hits like Splatoon and Super Mario

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Hoffmann1529d ago


The WiiU is only getting a handful bigger games.

These are

Zelda TP HD, Pokken, Paper Mario, Star Fox Zero, Zelda WiiU/NX and the pretty niche Fire Emblem IF

The only remaining big announcements are for the unannounced paper Mario and the releasedate Announcement for Zelda.

I expect the NX to arrive in early August

mikeslemonade1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

One more

The NX is coming out in September for $399.99

Zelda U is coming first as Zelda (NX) on the NX.

The last announcement isn't a positive one for WiiU fans.

wonderfulmonkeyman1528d ago

Wrong; there's also Pikmin 4, which was confirmed to be almost done not too long ago, as well as quite a few highly anticipated indie games like Shantae: Half-Genie Hero.

Hoffmann1528d ago

We talked about big announcements for the Wii U in the future. Pikmin 4 was confirmed to be almost done as you just wrote.

With big announcements the article writers meant future and surprising games we don't know about yet.

That's why I think only announcements for the not yet announced Paper Mario game and the releasedate of Zelda fit into that category

Summons751528d ago

You also forgot SMT X FE and PIkmin 4. This year and next are going to be pretty good.

Metallox1528d ago

Zelda does not fit into your category.

Metallox1528d ago

To your second reply, that's genuinely moving the goalpost. So what exactly is a "big Wii U game" at this point. Because only very specific software entries move more than 1 million units, which means that the console appeals to a very reduced market. This "majority of gamers" you talk about isn't interested on Wii U, while games like Paper Mario certainly should appeal to an audience that has supported key-profile Nintendo titles from some of its popular properties for its current home console since its release in 2012; so even if you were talking about exclusively about Nintendo fans, it still wouldn't make a difference.

Secondly, no Paper Mario has sold less than 2 million units, and that's simply because they all feature Mario on both cover and form, so it's not niche at all. Who are the purchasers is a very different story, and I'd have to remind you what is the prominent demographic on Wii U: they obviously would be potential buyers of this hypothetical Paper Mario game.

3-4-51528d ago

Probably like 6-7, but some of those will come out in late 2016 or early 2017 as the last big Wii U games.

Moonman1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

The best thing Wii U has going for it versus NX is the attachment rate! It's phenomenal. Every game Nintendo releases sells very well in comparison to the install base. Besides the next big Mario (3D), Mario Kart 9, Splatoon 2 and Metroid....I can't see them not releasing a "ready" (ready meaning coming in 2016 or early 2017) game on an install base that will eat the game up. Versus a zero install base.

Some other games that may have come to Wii U had it been more successful in late 2017 will move to NX naturally (end of 5 year cycle anyways).

Why? Because Wii U is still $299.99. It's also rumored the only part of NX releasing in 2016 is the portable version. I think Wii U has a full schedule of software for 2017. Nintendo is being coy.

ZELDA WII U is coming to Wii U only. LOL
NX will get a later port because it's BC anyway....

yuukiliu1528d ago

Fire emblem IF is 3DS only.

LAWSON721528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Fire Emblem X SMT maybe niche but both series have sold damn well. Fire Emblem Awakening not only sold well it is arguably the best game on the 3DS. As for SMT, Person has become pretty popular and well regarded despite being a little niche

You are really underselling the fanbase for these two series. They are no less popular than Star Fox. That Fire Emblem game could be and has a good chance of being another huge hit on the Wii U and just because many will not acknowledge it makes it no less relevant

pcz1528d ago

im not excited about paper mario. i think its a poor choice

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Strawmr1529d ago

I think many games that were going to be for the Wii U will ultimately get pushed to the NX, just to build hype for the new console.

Moonman1528d ago

Most of those games on NX were not even coming to begin with. Like Metroid that is not even in

TheMutator1528d ago

a generation without Metroid...i'm f&^&^ hate Nintendo!

from the beach1528d ago

It's really not been that long since the last Metroid and the series was super prolific in the previous two generations.. plus, hey, you've Federation Force to look forward to!

Hoffmann1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Lets not forget that we...better forget the last Metroid game.

TheMutator1528d ago

Actually i like Other M.

deafdani1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Other M was good. Not awesome like the Prime games, I guess, but it was still good.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

Welcome to gaming.

Where were you during N64.
Super Metroid SNES to Metroid Prime GameCube is 8 Years time span.

Sora781528d ago

Sorry but Paper mario isn't a big announcement...

Hoffmann1528d ago

For wiiU owners, every game announcement is a big announcement ;P

1528d ago
Metallox1528d ago

The original Paper Mario and the GameCube entry are aomng the best games of their respective consoles, and if this new hypothetical title was like them, it certainly would be a big announcement.

Hoffmann1528d ago

How good a game is, does not change that it may be very niche for the majority of gamers

from the beach1528d ago

Could surprise us yet, who knows?

Moonman1528d ago

They will...Nintendo just didn't know what to say last They thought they had "enough" games...they could have said more but the games were not in trailer form...

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