Which RPG won 2015, Fallout 4 or Witcher 3?

IM PLAYIN discuss the merits of both Fallout 4 and The Witcher 3, to decide which game was the better RPG.

"I'm a massive RPG fan. Give me the opportunity to develop a character, to experience an enriching story and travel across a vast map, and I'm yours. I've played both Fallout 4 and Witcher 3, and though I've sunk considerably more hours into Fallout, I feel that I'm in a good position to make a decision over which game I enjoyed best. It wasn't an easy decision to come to, but I do feel that one game was slightly more enthralling than the other."

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DarkOcelet1531d ago

The Witcher 3, nuff said!

Griever1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Agreed. Fallout 4 was pretty disappointing after all that hype. The poor grpahics, the dumbed down gameplay, bad story, and meaningless choices were really disappointing. Besides the game is more of a sandbox open world game than an RPG.

The defining features of an RPG are memorable characters, engrossing story and meaningful choices that impact the story. Fallout 4 is lacking in all of those severely and Witcher 3 has them in spades.

LAWSON721531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

It is definitely a RPG otherwise me and my friends would not spend hrs debating and choosing what sort of character builds to make. An open world sandbox game is FC and JC, Fallout 4 is nothing like them.

Just my opinion, as far as being a sequel goes it is a damn good one. It however like every other next gen game I have played feels like a game that could have ran on 360/PS3 minus the HD.

The gameplay is far from dumbed down (in regards to its predecessor), however you could certainly say its existing RPG elements were. The game is not top tier, howver not many FPS games offer nearly as much gameplay variety at such an acceptable level. The graphics are fine and soon enough on PC it will be one of the best looking games. Now the fact that the engine is not exactly a technical marvel could be pointed out. The story was presented and told well enough, something a lot of RPGs do a piss poor job at.

All this being said I think Witcher 3 is probably the only next gen game I have played this gen. I think its achievements really shine some light on what Fallout 4 should have been.

Bansai1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Well I don't know which one... one has over 220 GOTY awards while the other didn't even hit 50 iirc.

I wonder...

As for me personally? Witcher 3 stomps on Fallout 4, Bethesda disappointed me with their newest title, weak endings, bland quests, too cluttered copy/paste "dungeons", loads of techincal problems, horrendous textures on some npcs, wooden animations, long loadings [jeez, those loadings...] and of course let's not forget about bad story and companions [with 2 exceptions].

After great New Vegas I really expected something better than this...

I just hope they will redeem themselves with next TES game

ShinMaster1531d ago

Combat = Bloodborne

Everything else = Witcher 3

ShinMaster1531d ago


Combat = Bloodborne

Everything else = Witcher 3

Fallout 4 = Overhype

Anthotis1530d ago

Fallout 4 doesn't deserve to win anything, let alone best RPG.

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Yep bloodbourbe and fallout 4 for me. Witcher 3 just didnt pull me in. Granted i didnt play it very long. I will be getting it at some point down the line anyways. Fallout is just more what i like in a game i guess. Loved witcher 2.

Shiken1531d ago

As an RPG, Witcher 3. As an open world sandbox, Fallout 4. Both games are great, and Fallout gets more flak than it deserves. Just because it wasn't the upgrade we were hoping for doesn't change the fact that it is a Fantastic game.

For me, it is a draw with Bloodborne coming in at a very close second.

DarkOcelet1531d ago

Fallout 4 is a fantastic game indeed but a few changes i didn't like at all.

Like the dialogue system, who the hell thought that was a good idea?

Shiken1531d ago

I can agree with that. I was able to get over it fairly easy, but damn the older dialgue options were so much better.

kraenk121531d ago

Gladly there's a mod for that on PC. Btw weren't consoles supposed to get mods too?!

Shiken1531d ago

I believe they are coming, but I figured they would not be rushed out. Not entirely sure how they are handling it.

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Irishguy951531d ago

Been saying this since fallout 3 was released. Skyrim included. Bethesda don't know the meaning of quality.

Utalkin2me1530d ago

Sole reason i will not purchase a Bethesda game.

Takwin1530d ago

This isn't that close. I played both at release and over 100 hours. The Witcher 3 has significantly better story, graphics, dialogue, choices, and enemies.

UnHoly_One1530d ago

Witcher isn't even an RPG. It's a bad action game.

The skill tree and character progression is awful, there is almost no variation.

Meanwhile, in Fallout 4 you can actually have different character builds that COMPLETELY change the gameplay. That's an RPG.

Witcher 3 is the most overrated game since TLOU. It's terrible.

Utalkin2me1530d ago

Lol, someones a little salty.

UnHoly_One1530d ago

I'm not even sure what "salty" means.

I just think Witcher 3 was a trash game. One of the worst and most overrated games I've ever played.

Just my opinion of course.

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ShinMaster1531d ago

I'm having a hard time getting back into it because it's like the game doesn't want you to progress. It takes forever before you can move on to the next main story quest.

-Foxtrot1531d ago


They each had things the other lacked in my opinion.

Dark_Crow1531d ago

You could say that about any rpg.

-Foxtrot1531d ago

Yeah but the article is comparing these two

sullynathan1531d ago

There are other rpgs, better rpgs, than both Fallout 4 and TW3 that released in 2015.

Always weird how two "action rpg's" are the main contenders for rpg of the year when lots of other rpgs came out that year.

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Nivekki1531d ago ShowReplies(2)
nowitzki20041531d ago

If the GOTY was an RPG, would that RPG not have won that year for rpgs as well?

Aenea1531d ago

No, no, no, that makes way too much sense! :)