Quantum Break Devs To Discuss How They Solved Performance Issues @ GDC 2016; Weak AI Explained, Too

Remedy will explain in a GDC 2016 session how they solved performance issues in Quantum Break. Thomas Puha also clarified why the AI seemed weak so far in the gameplay videos.

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codelyoko1527d ago

Game looks amazing. Cant wait to play. Wish remedy would make Alan Wake 2 though :(

kaiserfranz1527d ago

I think they said something like it could happen. But they are so slow that it won't be until the next Xbox, at the very least!

MachuchalBrotha3161527d ago

Oh nice, I didn't see that article. Hopefully it is...I hope we get Alan Wake and American Nightmare on BC. Come in MS, make it happen.

christocolus1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )


I think they will once QB is done.It seems they are already getting ready to start work on a new project. They recently posted new job openings for a number of positions including the following a few days ago.

Technical artist
Senior Producer
Outsourcing Manager
Senior / Lead AI Programmer
Generalist Programmer
Senior Tools Programmer


Agreed. One of the major hurdles developers face at the beginning of their projects is getting the new engine to run perfectly on the new hardware. You are right. any other game from them should take less time.

Alexious1527d ago

Hopefully, with the Northlight engine all optimized now they could be quicker with the development.

Not that I particularly mind them taking some time with it as I still need to play the game, have it sitting there in my library.

BLow1527d ago

Yes it does. Dispite all the hate Xbox gets on this site, this is a game that I would buy one for. Next Black Friday may make me get one. Got my new TV last year so it might be on this year. How I will have time to play games on 2 systems? I have no clue as I barely have time with my PS4 with NO GAMES....hahaha /s /s joking for the sensitive types. I just want to play and have this game in my collection. Big Remedy fan...

Wallstreet371526d ago

"Despite all the hate Xbox gets on this site"

Yeah because it was all unwarranted and all the criticism is just relegated to this site and not almost 90% of the sites out there. Honestly a good majority of ppl criticizing xbone are xbox 360 owners.

This game looks promising and i have been following it closely, hopefully it turns out great so i can buy it later on down the line when i get an xbone.

nbalive891526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

@codelyoko Quantum Break is a day one buy for me can't wait. Hopefully alan wake will be the next game remedy makes.

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Cybermario1527d ago

interesting, let's hope they actually deliver and we dont get weird issues :)

ccgr1527d ago

Hope it's worth the wait!

Alexious1527d ago

It's been a very long wait, but Remedy Games has a reputation of eventually delivering, so fingers crossed.

Khaotic1527d ago

You dont need them crossed. I get people being gunshy these days but remedy does not ship broken games. They would just delay it again

MCTJim1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

"How various rendering performance and efficiency issues were solved with DirectX."

I wonder if they are referencing DX12?

SirJoJo1527d ago

They are probably utilising some DX12 features but from what I understand this is not a from the ground up DX12 title. The only game I know of right now that is being developed from the ground up with DX12 in mind for X1 is Gears 4.

MCTJim1527d ago

yeah, I didnt think it was a full DX12 title because of the development cycle started before DX12 was even announced, I was thinking what you posted, but I guess I have to wait until GDC to hear what they have to say.

Tobsesan1527d ago

Devs can patch dx12 in later and still get a boost out of it.

Imp0ssibl31527d ago

Yes,Microsoft and Remedy both would have been more vocal about supporting DirectX 12.

aco1527d ago

They really shouldn't have announced this game when they did.. The hype for this game went downhill after so many years in development the same goes for No man's Sky...

I predict this game will have the same fate as Ryse it will be forgotten after 1-2 month...

Saijahn1527d ago

You think very few are excited for an xbox exclusive? This game looks fantastic. The delays have been worth it.

DLConspiracy1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

I Predict that your prediction is way off. Lots of people are excited for this game.

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Khaotic1527d ago ShowReplies(2)
Paytaa1527d ago

It usually takes a lot for me to buy a game like QB at launch full price but ever since E3 2013 I've been 100% down for this game. Already have it preordered.

There is literally no comparison to Ryse other than both having phenomenal graphics.

Imp0ssibl31527d ago

Rise has a mediocre story so yeah, it won't really be hard for Quantum Break to be a lot better.

spicelicka1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Don't know if you're been following this game, it's been getting more and more hype on every article and I've seen nothing but praise.

All these predictions go down the drain closer to release. People will be just as happy when it comes out as they were when it was first announced. The plateau of hype is common with all games that are announced early, but doesn't have much impact upon release, unless the game went through a significant downgrade or in questionable direction.

KiwiViper851527d ago

uncharted 4 was announced before quantum break... What are your thoughts on uncharted?

jb2271526d ago

No it wasn't...QB was announced at the XBO reveal around April 2013, UC4 was announced at the PS4 launch in Nov.

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