The Division Feels Like a PC-First Experience - Hardcore Gamer

A couple of weeks ago, my experience playing Tom Clancy’s The Division surpassed a set of an admittedly lukewarm expectations. The deep open-world multiplayer shooter has the potential to change the way we look at multiplayer games forever, as it seems likely that developers will steal the idea of seamless matchmaking within a game world. While menus and lobbies will always exist, it’s going to be hard to see games similar to The Division going back to the matchmaking systems of yesteryear. There was one bit of information from my session with this intriguing title, however, that should fascinate a passionate contingent of gamers.

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crazychris41241529d ago

Well it's about time. Sick of poorly made PC ports. Publishers like Warner Bros have to realize that if you spend more time and money on making a great PC port then more people will buy the game.

ninsigma1529d ago

Yeah it's pretty sucky that a lot of developers/publishers don't give the pc version as much time as they should.

FasterThanFTL11529d ago

PC versions are still mostly better than the console versions but still more can be done to improve the experience of PC players even better. Some developers do go the extra mile and it is almost always reflected in higher sales of those games provided those games were actually good to begin with.

ninsigma1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Yeah they are better performing than consoles of course (assuming you have the rig to do that), but I feel they could do more to get more out of it on pc. Look at batman, that was abysmal! Now I know that's an extreme example and wb is an exception not the rule but there have been some other pretty bad ports as well.

Edit: phone auto corrected wb to we.

gz19871529d ago

Hell yea boys PC baby!

Genova841529d ago

Could be a "week 1" purchase, as I now wait for benchmarks before I buy games. Don't care about reviews, just if it scales well in SLI. I didn't build my rig to just run 1080p ...

s45gr321529d ago

Oh man if the division is as good as the pc port of deux ex human revolution then hell yeah I will buy this game

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