Star Ocean 5 screenshot introducing Welch Vineyard

Series recurring character Welch Vineyard is shown in the latest Star Ocaen 5 screenshots.

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never4get1535d ago

There's still some of Blueish Brownish Yellowish Screenshots. Thankfully there's more and more great looking screenshots which would makes it a buy.

DiscoKid1535d ago

Might as well get used to it. That's the visual ambience they have decided on.

Ruggadagod1535d ago

Star Ocean 5 is gonna be amazing. I need a fresh exciting JRPG for my newly bought PS4.

TomatoDragon1535d ago

This game is looking beautiful.

FamilyGuy1535d ago

What's the western release date?

Relientk771534d ago

Must have release date for West