Dying Light The Following Adds, Weaponises New Buggy Vehicle

Outside Xbox:
Dying Light The Following's new vehicle arrives in this Let's Play video, in which we track down the weaponised buggy. It's initially not much more than a two-seater skateboard with minimal zombie protection, but as you progress you can upgrade your new wheels with a protective electric cage, mounted flamethrower and mine dispenser. Witness us in the following video, get it, oh never mind.

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Takwin1528d ago

This will be such an amazing DLC. I thought Dying Light was one of the most fun games of 2015, despite sinking behind some historic heavyweights like The Witcher 3, Fallout 4, Metal Gear, and many more.

I just want more of this game, and it looks like this will really deliver. And the price is just incredible, since it looks to deliver about the same amount of content as the whole original game!

esmittystud1011528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

I'm looking forward to this as well. I too thought this game was so overlooked in 2015, but there were alot of heavy contenders to compete with but I wasn't blind to it. Played every single mission I could and then I of course moved on to more games that I was getting backlogged on. The ligting in this game is unreal though. At times I wonder how they pull it off. I actually dig the "grainy" look the game pulls off, but the lighting is top knotch. Techland knows what there doing and not only that, they gave us an expansion to there game that has already been out a year.

This is what having a season pass should mean, getting all the goods no matter how long the game has been out. Not like, take for example: Forza Horizon 2 on Xbox One. I purchase a "car pass" thinking I'm getting all there future DLC car releases. But after six-nine months later, they come out with more DLC cars and say that they are not part of there car pass, and tried to charge me for them.

I do like Forza Horizon 2, it actually may be my favorite car game of all time. Great game. But Turn 10 and there "car pass" practices are a rip off. Before anybody defends them think of it like this because all anybody says when defending this is "you didn't have to buy them." Which your right, I didn't have to buy them. But don't offer a "car pass" if all the cars are not included in this. It would be like Activision selling your there $49.99 season pass where you get four map packs for the year and then later after they added the four map packs add more maps and try to charge you for them.

Bad part is guys will still defend Turn 10 when they are more deceiving than Activision/EA. have went above and behond to give us a great game and I have to tip my hat off to you for it. Great developer.