The Division is Destiny But Set in New York in this Xbox One Co-op Gameplay

Outside Xbox:
After the roaring success of Destiny, The Division appears to be the next big shooter attempting to meld MMO mechanics with shooting for a mainstream crowd. This is still a game where you will feel short-changed the first time you headshot someone and numbers come out instead of brains but once you adjust to that, there is plenty to like.

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spicelicka1529d ago ShowReplies(8)
zerocarnage1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

For the tenth millionth time I have come to forums about the division and said this:

The division Doesn't feel and act and looks or behave anything like Destiny, the only flipping thing it has in common is guns..

I honestly got bored of Destiny from the alpha, to beta then I decided to by Destiny on release and one month in got fed up due to a good man problem, ie the lack of sociableness that Destiny provides when your solo the game, can't raid the top tier stuff unless got friends, Destiny won't connect you with randoms only some of the boss dungeons..

All in all while playing the alpha me n my son split up in dark zones we were fine pulling out loot, the game felt very socialable to connect people together and find players .

I'm not going into any more details but the division feels like it's getting it all rite compared to where Destiny got it wrong..

People need to stop trying to compare games though, each one has its differences, from it story, graphics, mechanics and features. There is so much that makes each game different..

Where as I got fed up of Destiny, I know it still has a fan base, I just feel that this is the game ima most enjoy for a while because of how wonderful the alpha played , from smooth playing, to action every street and corner, plenty of loots, features ways to connect. Afun and different multiplayer where friends can becomes enemies and enemies could be come friends.. Ubisoft there four dev teams and the snow drop engine have made a lovely game here. Time will tell that...

amargotv1529d ago

the Alpha was a blast... and yes people who didn't play hte game are comparing them... even tho they ain't even the same genre of game.... i mean for starters... One is a FPS and the other a TPS... one is sci-fy the other is based on some realism..

Jmanzare1529d ago

They are both online rpg shooters. It's not like comparing fifa to gta

gamer91528d ago

Are you high? Both are co-op centric shooters, always online, rpg elements to form your character, resource collection to upgrade loot, missions, bounties, vanity items, emotes, end game content for high level players, a mix of pvp and pve… yes these games only have guns in common lol

D3TH_D33LR1528d ago

Relax. Obviously the gameplay is different. They're both shared world shooter RPGs. That's the similarity. There is nothing else to compare it too that's closer than destiny. Relax. Because trust me, we could all care less if this is your tenth million time lol. Maybe it's you lol.

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Mr_GoolyPunch1529d ago

Well said! I can't wait to get my hands on this game :)

elitethinker1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I'm super excited to play the Division, mainly because it's a action MMO shooter like Destiny. I'm preordering this game and I'm sure a lot of people going to and it's gonna sell a lot.If you don't understand games like Division and Destiny, stay away from them. You can play batlefield or Call of duty, but if you don't understand don't bash a game because you don't understand the genre. I been playing games for like 20 years and Destiny was far from a bad game. The Division is like a dream come true.

1529d ago
zerocarnage1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Where you been watching these videos.. all of you have been watching on these sites saying graphics look crappier or what need to know that these sites like you tube have different resolution settings, they make all the videos darker, different contrast and so on.. if you watch in game videos on internet always know it's not the game that looking bad it's either your equipment or the sites restrictions..

That being said you sir havnt seen what I've seen or the other who played the alpha, and I can vouch and honestly say the division is by far one of the best looking games this Gen ...

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