Hideo Kojima's PlayStation World Tour Arrives in London

Push Square, via Twitter: "Hideo Kojima's very public technology tour has touched down in London, where he'll presumably spend the start of next week checking out the latest titles from London Studio and Media Molecule. For those that haven't been keeping up, the Metal Gear maker has spent a chunk of the past seven days travelling around the United States with PlayStation 4 architect Mark Cerny, where he's visited Sucker Punch, Sony San Diego, Sony Santa Monica, and several other Sony-owned facilities."

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Summons751533d ago

This should end with a documentary about his journey, breaking free and saving his soul from the devil, and his life and future plans with a tease of his new game.

never4get1533d ago

2020 going to be Awesome when his game comes out.

G20WLY1533d ago

2020? Do you have a link to verify this, or is it just speculation based on your peerless knowledge of the industry and it's practices?

never4get1533d ago

Great game last years. Some people just can't agree with that. PS1 Metal Gear Solid still solid and awesome in 2016.

Summons751533d ago

4 years? That's a good development time for a great game so I don't mind. The guy knows what he is doing so don't whine about how long it takes to make a game.

TwoForce1533d ago

Well, they are getting along quite well.

chrisx1533d ago

I just hope his next sony exclusive arrives on Ps4

FamilyGuy1533d ago

You think he's making a PS5 exclusive? lol

Apocalypse Shadow1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Hey Hideo,could you use your solid snake skills and sneak me a copy out of the getaway and 8 days?

I'd appreciate it. But don't get caught.


FallenAngel19841533d ago

You can just tell Sony is trying to make Kojima Productions a first party studio

nevin11533d ago

"You can just tell Sony is trying to make Kojima Productions a first party studio"

Go on?

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