Jeff Minter, Neon and Space Giraffe | A sheepy legacy

If you stick an audio CD into an Xbox One it will (after downloading the relevant app) play it quite happily, and even pull the album cover and track list from the Gracenote database. Neat. Do the same with an Xbox 360, and you will enter a whole different world – one that is entirely generated by the best visualizer ever created.

In 2003, after 20 years of creating lightsynths for almost every platform, Jeff managed to get his incredible vision for Neon into a console that lasted a decade and sold more than 80 million units worldwide.

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2cents2135d ago

I loved the 360 music visualizer. I remember the short video they made about the making of it.

Its strange, MS had so much focus regarding music playback when the last gen kicked off but they don't seem as bothered this time round.

I was personally hoping for a kickass visualizer this time round but no, not even background music. And we are still waiting, Lame.