Far Cry: Primal & Rise of the Tomb Raider Will Be Protected By The Denuvo Anti-Tamper Tech

DSOGaming writes: "As we had already predicted, more and more publishers are starting using the Denuvo anti-tamper solution. Ubisoft has revealed – via the game’s EULA – that Far Cry: Primal will be protected by the Denuvo anti-tamper tech, while Rise of the Tomb Raider was also spotted on Denuvo’s website."

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bixxel1532d ago

So, only CD Project is honest in gaming.

Phunkydiabetic11531d ago

Maybe PC gamers should stop pirating so many games and then developers wouldnt have to go to such extreme measures to protect their work? Sounds like a logical plan that a bunch of neckbeards are sure to argue about...

fallacious1531d ago Show
KTF261531d ago

The Witcher 3 is DRM free and sold more than any Denuvo-protected game on PC

bmf73641531d ago

It's the idea of having to be connected to a server in order to play a game. These are general complaints about how the Xbox One was going to implement a Steam-like DRM and anti-piracy.

sullynathan1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

@KTF26 WTF? How can people like you spread misinformation and lies and get 12 agrees? The Witcher 3 & CDPR fanboyism and fanwanking here is outrageous

Fifa 15, Battlefront, Fifa 16 and Battlefield Hardline all use Denuvo and have outsold Witcher 3.

Stop being ignorant and use the internet that you're on to find information.

Domovoi0ng1531d ago

If people have the means to buy games they really want, they will. Especially with online features and patches happening all the time and steam sales.

RedDevils1531d ago

It's a single player game, there always a way around hence even a multiplayer game with private server lol

DeToX4201531d ago Show
ICECREAM1531d ago

people usually pirate the games on which they don't want to spend money or sometimes these games are not important for them.

kaizokuspy1531d ago


Not saying pirating isn't awesome but hard times will be nigh. They are having a hard time cracking just cause 3 unless what I've read is a lie, pirating will be gone in 5 years, at least in games.

ginsunuva1531d ago

Most PC gamers here in Western Nations are wealthy enough to buy games easily.

It's the ones in Russia and China that pirate them, sometimes out of necessity.

ICECREAM1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )


If you have already bought ten packs of smokes and you are getting one free even though you are not interested in that particular brand, i think you would take it. Correct me if i' am wrong.

Devil18701531d ago

Implying pirates will start paying money for shitty, unfinished videogames.

lol keep dreaming kid.

jmc88881531d ago

What? Maybe you should learn the facts about pirating.

#1 Pirates won't buy the game anyways. You think when Wall Street corporations say they lose X amount of millions they really are? Yeah... and Iraq had WMD's.

#2 Pirating isn't JUST on PC's. There are plenty of console pirates as well.

#3 DRM can screw up your PC. I mean literally screw up your PC so it doesn't work. Additionally it can bog down the game. It almost forces some people who are on the margins of the minimum specs to pirate it, so they can actually play the game. Remember the only people who really are affected by DRM are the legitimate buyers. Think about it.

So maybe you and bunch of other people should learn some facts and come back to reality.

Or will you continue to push your Iraq has WMD's, or they hate us for our freedoms, or Subprime is contained.

mikeslemonade1531d ago

Meh.. There's issues and two sides in all realms. The developers still get to take advantage of us with collectors editions and gouging us on DLC. Hypothetically if we all stop pirating, will they stop gouging us? The answer is probably not.

mechlord1531d ago

Lol. People that pirate do that out of necessity. They wont start paying if piracy is gone, wich it will never be gone. Remember how the ps3 was forever broken when it was hacked? That is an eternal cat- mouse game. Sometimes it may take longer, but the chase never stops. Denuvo isnt cheap, companies could save some dollares cutting that out.

shadowraiserx1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Their will lose money double, pirates always find a way into things programming is man vs man, wasting money to protect nothing.

mzupeman1531d ago

That's an oversimplification though. As someone else has already stated, The Witcher 3 is DRM free and it sold pretty damn well. Why? Because people don't mind paying for games that people know to be quality. Maybe if studios stopped recycling the same games over and over and rushing out the door before they were finished, people would feel a bit more confident in spending their money.

Dabigsiebowski1531d ago

It's sold more because it's a good game. Pirating still hurts devs hard when it comes to PC.

rainslacker1531d ago

I use to be pretty big in the pirating scene...console stuff only in the DC/PS1 days. I can say that generalizing pirates is just that...a generalization.

There are pirates that can easily afford games.

There are some that will not buy games if they can get them free.

There are some that buy some games, and pirate others.

There are some that are dirt poor and really can't afford to buy games...or at least can't afford to buy that many.

There are some that use it for demo purposes.

There are some that do it to get around restrictive DRM.

And the list goes on to include every single thing people say is the reason people pirate.

Every time people say, "This is why people pirate" is all just assumption and trying to chalk it up to one thing or another.

The only real thing in it all, is that if people couldn't pirate games, sales would go up. If publishers got rid of restrictive DRM, sales would go up. Unfortunately, restrictive DRM is about the only way to curb piracy, so it's a catch 22.

The real effects of piracy can't really be gaaged until there is no way to pirate games. Any speculation on the subject, any analysis of the subject(within forums or publisher sponsored) is just speculation,

NohansenBoy1531d ago

Piracy doesn't affect gaming as much as people say it does. Anti piracy software is pointless and plenty of indie titles that have no DRM is proof enough of that.

awi59511531d ago


And all those games are bad. If you look at the pirate sites there are far more console games being pirated than pc games.

sullynathan1531d ago Show
Nero21421531d ago

CD Projekt did the most stupid thing imo, Witcher 3 doesnt need any key to be played yet they provie cd keys with game disc for ''free dlc'' access. So what i see when i go on Polish version of ebay typing ''witcher 3'' , top search , 1400 copys sold , price 10 $ . You know why ? becouse assholes are selling their dvd editions without keys but hey its still original since Cd projekt said they dont need keys to work right ? I see this as selling pirated copys , cmon if you wanna steel game fking downlaod it from torrent atleast don't freaking pay for pirated games

Xasthirion1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Maybe they should stop charging $129.99 for games then.

Also, I would only pirate games that I wouldn't pay for anyway. If I couldn't pirate the game, I just wouldn't bother playing it at all. I wouldn't go out and pay full price for it, that's just crazy talk. I spent thousands of dollars on PC hardware, I need to make up some of the lost money in software.

bixxel1531d ago

Could everyone stop this nonsense? I just implied my opinion.

abstractel1531d ago

Don't compare physical goods with digital goods. I buy tonnes of games when I can afford it. When I can't, however, I download them. There's no loss in a sale for the publishers. I downloaded Witcher 3, when I got money I bought it. I am one of the consumers of video-games that keep this industry alive. It's very rare for me to download games, it's only when I am broke (I have a job, but sometimes life deals you a shitty hand). I even work for a developer and have for a long time, and it still doesn't bother me.

It's when people are being stingy and download games that it bothers me to save money. They can afford it, and would buy it if they couldn't download it. I loathe those people.

I feel this is a completely justifiable position and I don't believe publishers make more money by incorporating horrible DRMs. Haven't seen any data to prove that fact. Witcher 3 isn't as mainstream of a game as Fifa. Fifa has throughout history always sold more than other games and you've always been able to download it. That's my opinion, if publishers think they will make more money and can prove it by incorporating horrible DRM that hurts consumers, I will change my opinion.

Point in case. I could not afford Battlefield Hardline, but I wanted to play the SP portion of the game. It was not hacked. I did not buy it since I couldn't afford it. Still don't own it, again, there would have been no loss of sale.

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sullynathan1531d ago ShowReplies(5)
Mithan1531d ago

It's drm and makes no difference in the end. Don't pirate games and you won't care.

SourtreeDing1531d ago

exactly lol some ppl always come up with the dumbest excuses to make it seem like they are in the right

jmc88881531d ago

NO difference?

You clearly don't know what you are talking about.

I've outlined 4 reasons above. I guess that is 'no difference'.

rainslacker1531d ago

I got a cracked version of SimCity 4 because the game was a pain with the DRM they included initially. I brought the actual game though, so while technically, I was playing a pirated version, I at least did so with an actual purchase.

Not sure if Denuvo is obtrusive or not. I haven't played a PC game in a long time except for WOW and SimCity, and a few random smaller ones here or there. If it's obtrusive, I'd probably care if I brought the game, and would be annoyed that it's there because the pirates like to justify their reasons, instead of not buying and playing the game like anyone who would prefer not to break the law would do.

kupomogli1531d ago

CD Projekt Red had DRM on their discs for the first batch of Witcher 3. After complaints they removed it.

Yeah, let's white knight CD Projekt Red for doing what they should have did in the first place.

jojo3191531d ago

@Ginsunuva. I can't think of any reason it would be "necessary" to pirate a game. Just because they have oppressive governments that don't let them earn any money, doesn't mean they should get to steal from people. Now if you need to stealt to EAT you may have a case. But steal games "just because they can't afford it" isn't an excuse. By that logic I should be able to steal a BMW since its out of my price range.

Bladesfist1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

It's copying not stealing. It's more like you cloning a BMW and I think BMW would be cool with it because you just invented car cloning!

showtimefolks1531d ago

look some of of you who say they pirate the games to test than buy it's still pirating. i really don't kn ow the solution to this issue and won't act like the smartest person alive

but pirating isn't the answer neither is drm

there has to be a better way. maybe have a trial version where you can play the game for 30-60 minutes

rainslacker1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I think for the people that actually do test them and buy them if they run good or they like them are OK. Sure it's not technically legal, but at the same time, at least they are trying to be a smart consumer. People who have no intention to buy the game aren't really a consumer at all though.

People say they pirate because of DRM, and I know some that are honest and do it to get around the DRM but will purchase, but the pirates were the reason the DRM came around in the first place. Before that, they just used different reasons. Seems kind of funny how piracy has always been an issue, yet some people claim the biggest reason is due to broken releases or restrictive DRM. Back in my day, when neither of those things was common, at least people were either honest and said they would prefer to play it for free, or they went with the "I'm too poor" excuse.

Pretty laughable nowadays how many people try to justify their piracy and turn the blame on others as if the transgressions of others somehow makes it right.

Also rather funny how many disagrees I'll get in these kinds of threads because I simply call out pirates on their BS excuses.

In my day, I've probably pirated more games than the whole of all the people commenting in here. I had thousands of console games, and ran a popular hub where people could get them from me. I even installed hundreds of mod chips. I've heard all the excuses, all the justifications, all the moral superiority, and I know that for 99% of the people who use these excuses, that they are completely full of it. Heck, I even used a lot of the excuses myself. In the hundreds of mod chips I've installed, there was only one person I knew who did it for playing imported games, and playing games he owned off the hard drive on the PS2. The rest, I knew they just wanted to get free games.

I since had a change of heart about my stance on the issue....mostly when I came to the realization that I, and most other people who did the same thing, were just trying to justify their illegal actions.

rocketpanda1531d ago

Well your statement does hold some merit, where CD Projekt supports DRM free gaming, but they make good games and take time to deliver and have generally been good to the gaming community and their fans. I think that is why gamers support them.

Companies like EA, WB, Ubisoft an Konami which have all used denuvo to protect their games recently, these publishers already have bad blood between them and the community, so adding this makes them look more like an enemy. Even though I can understand why they would use this anti-tamper device to protect their games.

rainslacker1531d ago

If they're so bad, why not just avoid playing the game altogether?

Seems rather disingenuous to say how terrible the company and games are, then go on to play it. Are bad and broken games really worth playing? I see a lot of people that decry those who buy these games, but some of these same people are the same people who try to justify piracy.

If companies see people want to play their games, then they'll only see the pirates as a thief, not consumers who's concerns should be listened to.

NeckBeardBSMTDweller1531d ago

The only people who cry about this is the pirates. I hope this becomes the norm so developers can continue to create amazing games.

Ark_1531d ago

I am not pirating (since the release of Castle Wolvenstein and such, which were censored in germany at that time).
But 25 years of experience with PC gaming tells me, that in 95% of cases DRM is a fucking pain in the ass. I try to stay away from it were ever I can and buy as many games on GOG as possible.

(Specific problems with DRM measures, where mentioned in this thread allready multiple times.)

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nogoodusernamesleft1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

i am not going to buy either game on my pc drm is malware in its own right nuff said. enough with this unwanted garbage already man. it only hurts publishers more than helps. the piracy community loves this kind of stuff because it blows their egos up that they get to play some kind of hero for the gamers or something

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Activemessiah1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Why do I feel I'm giving cancer to my PC with this stuff... How ironic that the safer software is the pirated one without the BS... not a good way to win over consumers, CD Project Red sold a lot of their games due to their pro consumer approach, this ain't it.

bixxel1531d ago

Unofficially, except free-to-play games, only Cyberpunk 2077 of CD Project RED will be DRM-free in 2017 and all the other publishers will be hankering over DRM.

dmeador1531d ago

I dont know, why do you feel that way? Has something like this caused problems on your PC before?

Linsolv1531d ago

Is this a serious question? Examples abound of DRM that has ill effects ranging from planting spyware to, in the case of StarForce, preventing Windows 7 from booting even on a legal install. It has also been known to damage CD drives and prevent disk burning of any kind.

eLicense will deep-six your game license if you have a hard drive failure, forcing you to buy the game again.

SecuROM has a hard limit on the number of installs you can do, meaning that you'd better not have more than, say, 5 hardware changes in the lifespan of the product or "too bad, so sad, buy another one."

Even the "benign" options like GFWL are a major hassle. Windows 8 wouldn't run any of my GFWL games for almost a year.

I don't mind DRM in theory. I know some people are extremely militant and insist that even requiring Steam is going too far. But frankly, I just don't trust anything that's not going to let me play my games in 5, 10, 15 years.

dmeador1530d ago

@Linsolv It was a serious question. I've never had problems with something like this before, and haven't heard of anyone else having it either. Maybe it does happen quite a bit, but its just something that didn't seem very rampant to me

ZombieGamerMan1531d ago

Because it's all about psychology, make it a point that you are screwing people over to keep your product safe from pirates the more they care about pirating it. Not give a shit if people pirate it and less will do it

Pl4sm41531d ago

make a good game with free dlc or make a game with tons of dlc that may be ok at best and denuvo shit drm all over it.... option 2 of course, good game ? free dlc? are you mad ? that never makes money.... NEVER /s

Pl4sm41531d ago

on a side note ... if you dont want people to pirate the shit outa your game, FREAKING PUT OUT A DEMO .... yes a DEMO, like 30 or more mins of your game is enough to convince people to buy your game if its good. or to avoid the hell outa it forever.

rainslacker1531d ago

Problem is is that the DLC is usually pirated to. So it doesn't really solve the problem.

Good game will sell more(at least in principal), but is usually also more pirated.

I agree on the demo stance. Would like to see more of them. I like the timed full game demos offered on the consoles(and I assume elsewhere). Seems the best route to get people to click. If you can keep them engaged for an hour or so, then chances are they will pay to continue using the path of least resistance...which would be an in-game menu asking you to purchase.

There's no easy clear cut method to avoiding piracy which is beneficial for both the publisher and the end user. Without DRM it will always exist. With DRM, it will exist until the day that an uncrackable method becomes available...but that will most likely involve some kind of online connection.

Until the time that it becomes uncrackable, publishers should avoid obtrusive DRM, and making better games is probably just something they should do regardless, as making a good game should have nothing to do with pirates.

UltraNova1531d ago


I cant for the life of me accept that someday a piece of software will be 'unhackable'. As long as there are 1s and 0s in the code those software can be hacked, its just a matter of time.

aLiEnViSiToR1531d ago

In a way you are and the biggest impact is on hdd/sshd/ssd and other storage devices that affects it's firmware (even motherboard bios mainly and ram memory are "infected"). I got DA Inquisition GOTY but i found out too late about the truth of what denuv0 really is and just how sinister the program is. On deep web there is really some disturbing info on denuv0 (there are even documents that say its nothing more then a dormant virus that damages hardware when its activated so you will replace and buy new hardware more frequently), the rabbit hole even got me to Win10 and its "Trojan Theory" its all really disturbing if you value privacy, yourself and your loved ones.

Some of the time and money i have (which is not much but enough) and spend on my PC and value it very much so i decided that i wont and never will support evil, greedy, draconian practices like this, i (and i feel im not alone) wont allow myself to fall for their greedy tricks and scams even tho society is... it is what they are counting for after all. The ignorance, greed, materialism and lack of understanding, lack of empathy, lack of common sense in today's society (specially western one) is simply off the charts !

KilluaX31531d ago

Yeah, it's not like The Witcher games are hyped and very popular.

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ninsigma1531d ago

I don't mind companies trying to protect their games and stop them from being cracked but leaving files on your pc even after uninstall?? Sounds fishy!

gamer78041531d ago

While I'm totally against piracy it's anti consumer to leave files on a persons PC without their consent if it's uninstalled, but I guess by playing the game u r agreeing to that...

bixxel1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

What? How atrocious that you betray the intellect of pirates? Do you think cracking a game is like waving some keyboard buttons???? Why don't you crack a game? Pirates should ever be renowned as the best gamers of patience and everyone of them should be rewarded.

dmeador1531d ago

Yeah, we should reward all thieves that have the patience to be an ass. I'm thinking if a guy wrote a program to disable your alarm on your car/house you would want to give him a pat on the back

nucky641531d ago

bixxel, I hope you're being sarcastic.

_LarZen_1531d ago

As a PC gamer I have absolutely zero problem with this.

nowitzki20041531d ago

Something about your profile pic tells me that you are lying.