The Division has unexpected accoutrements on PC

A couple weeks back, I went to a Ubisoft event to play Tom Clancy's The Division. You can find my overall impressions here (Choice quote: "There are quite a few options that assist in your eradication of the homeless and disenfranchised"), but now I can talk specifically about the PC version and the unexpected benefits it includes.

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sorane1528d ago

ac·cou·tre·ment : additional items of dress or equipment, or other items carried or worn by a person or used for a particular activity.

Not gonna lie this is the very first time I've ever had to look up a word on N4G.

OoglyBoogly1528d ago

Well there is nothing new here so accoutrement this is not.

maybelovehate1528d ago

Best part of this article is the confirmation of controller support on PC! Yay

OoglyBoogly1528d ago

Did you think there wouldn't be?

maybelovehate1528d ago

Well actually I was worried. Steam doesn't list that it has controller support. And they are usually really good at listing that.