Terror in 2016: This Year in Horror Gaming

"Now that the holidays are over and life has had a chance to get back into the normal swing of the day to days, there is a pressing question; where are the horror games? Luckily, 2016 is planned with enough gory goodness to keep even the most diehard horror heads enamored. From the traditional survival motif to player versus player arena set ups, the classic cabin in the woods to dystopian futures, 2016 is sure to keep us all scared out of our minds. Here is a look at 16 of the most anticipated horror games set to come to PlayStation 4 this year."-- PlayStation Enthusiast

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ShadowKnight1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Visage, Layer of Fear,Kitchen, and the Peterson Case! One of the reason why I'm excited for VR because of Horror games

PixelGateUk1531d ago

Kinsda hope Outlast goes more for creep factor rather than BOO!

mocaak1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

In what way is Dead Island 2 a horror game?

DigitalRaptor1531d ago

I have very, very good feelings about Outlast 2.